iPad Air 2 and iPad Air 3 features

Upcoming iPad Air 2 and iPad Air 3 features you Can’t Resist to Buy

There is a subjective point of view for the millions of iPad owners around the world. The good thing is that the iPad is having great new features in bulk that will make you more multitasking. There are people, sometimes need to use ... Continue Reading →
Budget Mobiles Online in India

Where to get Budget Mobiles Online in India

Today, the market has been flooded with local and international mobile companies. We already aware about rival between Google and Apple. Google hold the event and came with the io15 announcement that includes Google plan for 2015, ... Continue Reading →
Apple Music

Apple Music : Enjoy every beat on your iPhone

Oh hello! Something very nice pop up for Music Lover at Apple WWDC15. Awaited Music streaming service has been finally unveiled at WWDC15 by Apple. Jimmy Iovine the Renowned Legendary music producer,  announces Apple Music. Now ... Continue Reading →
Prize Comparison between iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6

Price Comparison between iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6

Samsung has launched Galaxy s6 this week. As Samsung is ever been competitor to Apple, it has been considered to be rivaling smartphone to iPhone 6. Samsung Galaxy S6 have curved screen from both side. Both smartphone comes with three ... Continue Reading →
Dr Dobb Jolt Award Tools For Mobile Application Development

Award Winning Tools for Mobile Application Development

There are many of the Mobile application development tools. That are categorized for coding, building, and testing of the application. There are also some tools for monitoring the usage, offering back-end connections, and also for ... Continue Reading →
Main features of Swift Language

6 Main features of Swift Language that makes it Game Changer

Apple just have announced its new language Swift for iPhone application development. Swift is a way to write iOS and OSX applications. Swift is endorsed by the existing cocoa framework. It has highly optimized compiler to enhance its ... Continue Reading →
different types of OS used in Smart Phone

7 Mobile Phone Operating Systems | Very Few of Us Know

The most important software in any smartphone is the operating system. Phones are not computers. So if you’d like to install the other operating system, it’ll take some more time. So mobile phone operating systems should be chosen ... Continue Reading →
Why People Want To Jailbreak How To Jailbreak iPhone Full Guide

Why People Want To Jailbreak? How To Jailbreak iPhone?: Full Guide

iPhone owners often ponder about jailbreaking their iPhone. Is unlocking it simple? How to jailbreak the iPhone? How can one easily jailbreak the iPhone? and most importantly why people want to jailbreak? Here is a guide to jailbreak ... Continue Reading →
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