10 Actionable SEO Tips | How to Use SEO to Increase Traffic?

Search engine optimization requires the latest updates and techniques to be followed for increased search engine traffic.

What SEO needs to do is to identify the latest SEO techniques for good traffic and then executing those techniques that work for their websites.

How to use SEO to increase traffic?

Here we have gone through 10 latest SEO techniques to be followed today to catch more visitors.

1. Broken Link Building Opportunities on Wikipedia

Finding broken link building is quite difficult in Wikipedia that needs you to know about Wikipedia’s editing system.

How does it work?

Wikipedia editors stumble on a dead link and do not delete it. They add a footnote just next to the link mentioning it “dead link”.

These footnotes help to find these broken links easily. You can re-create that dead resource on your website and then replacing the dead link in Wikipedia with your link.

2. Copy Adwords Ads for Title and Description Tags

Good and compelling content can catch traffic faster and gets enlisted at top Search engine page ranks (SERPS).

But how do you know what traffic you want?

The easiest way is to look at the keyword’s Adwords ads. These Adwords ads provide you competitive keywords that bring you to maximize clicks.

3. Using Benefit-Focused Content Curation

Organize your content by benefits not by topics.

Weak content curation does not pull more traffic. Therefore, it is important to go for benefit-focused content curation that focuses on the outcomes that your audience must be looking for.

When content is based on outcomes and benefits, it adds more value to your content and hence more traffic.

This is one of the best technique I follow to get more traffic to my blogs.

4. Give a boost to Pages ranking at Page 2 or 3

Being on page 2 or even 55 does not make any difference for those looking for page one ranking.

These pages need a boost to catch more traffic that can be done by following these techniques:

  1. Work on Google Webmaster Tools to search keywords that make you rank on 2nd or 3rd page.
  2. Identify the pages on your site having most juice to pass around
  3. Go to those authoritative pages that need a boost and add internal links.

One of the mistake that many bloggers do, they only focus on the Google search engine and forgets Bing Webmaster.

Bing is a search engine provided by Microsoft. Don’t ignore Bing.

It just takes 5 minutes to submit URL to bing webmaster tool.

5. Reverse Engineering of Page 6 Results

Reverse engineering of ranking pages 2-10 also leaves you with good results. Sometimes you may miss traffic by just reverse engineering of Google’s first page that you can catch at other pages like 3-10.

These pages are filled with a lot of sites created by people who have added a lot of cool stuff there but it could not get ranking at first page due to some unplanned factors.

Become an SEO specialist and start using SEO to increase traffic to your website.

6. Embedding Long Tail Keywords In Title Tags

To get more traffic, don’t ever include only one keyword in your title tag. If you do so, you are leaving too much search engine traffic beforehand.

Find some long tail keyword and embed them in your titles to get more visitors. Embedding such two keywords with competitive traffic eventually, get you instant traffic.

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7. “Best of” Lists helps to Find the Best Link Targets

The smartest SEO technique is to make a “best of” search that brings you the best of the blog posts within a few seconds.

For those focusing on link building, the bloggers in their contact list keep on creating “best of” blog posts for them that helps to get their niche-relevant blogs.

The search string is done like:

“[keyword] blogs to follow”
“best [keyword] posts 2019″
“top [keyword] blogs to follow” + “2019”

8. Publishing longer contents with over 1000 words

More words get more links as word count is directly proportional to the number of links received to that content. There is no science behind this theory. But this is what has been observed until now.

A longer content always knocks down the short words blog post that show Google that this piece of writing contains more in-depth detail and therefore, gets ranked at page one.

A 1000 words post also attracts readers to get more information instead of reading a 300 words post.

Even if you are writing a long blog post, you should not compromise with the quality of the content. As per the latest blogging trends, quality wins over quantity. Keep this in mind.

This way you can use SEO to increase traffic.

9. Creating own keywords

One of the best SEO technique is to create your own keywords that always brings you number 1 search engine ranking.

Such original keywords bring a steady stream of organic traffic that gradually takes you to the first-page ranking.

10. Keyword Research By Facebook Ads

[Bonus Tip] Facebook is the best source to get a list of useful keywords that may be helpful to increase your search engine traffic.

It gathers demographic information from people living in different parts of the world and their interests. This information helps to search for keywords that your target audience uses in Google search.

When you create an ad campaign on Facebook, this data is provided you free. You get suggestions and keyword ideas just like Google Suggest.


This is all about simple tactics and tips for SEO to increase traffic. If you are new to blogging, I would recommend avoiding simple blogging mistakes. Sure, this will help you to attract more traffic to your website.

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