Top 5 Ways to Increase Website Ranking in Google Search

How do you increase google ranking of the website? It is one of the most frequently asked questions by bloggers or website owners.

This article will provide you with the top 5 ways to increase website ranking.

Various websites are existing on the internet competing for boosting up their visibility on Google search engines. Some of them adopt fake and shortcuts methods to do so which in turn leads to spamming. Here are some of the amazing tricks to do the same without spamming.

All the topic revolves around SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is a frustrating yet very fruitful way to improve ranking in the earliest possible ways. SEO keeps changing. Your skills, understanding and budget play a very important role. Though it takes some amount of time because the Google algorithm needs to reevaluate the changes and improvements made to your page to feed in data.

Even continuous up-gradation of your website may take months or a one year time to show on google search engine but one does not need to sit ideally till then and wait for the results. Unstoppable working will lead to a sudden and drastic change.

  • Begin with building a strong foundation.
    Even though your website has been rich in search engine optimization there are chances that it can be doomed down. The reason behind this will be poor website architecture and structure. If your interface is very difficult to operate in then surely your audiences will lose interest as a result of which your google rankings will crawl down. This problem can be fixed down in the following ways:
  • Try and solve the duplicate content problem.
  • Duplicate content means a website having different domain names. Though these domain names take you to the same website Google counts them as different websites with the same content.
  • A problem like this can be solved by regulating redirect rules to the .htaccess file of your website.
  • SEO feature is also counted as Google ranking feature.
  • One needs to design the website according to its usability on mobile because these days people are more into mobile phones.
  • Enhance for mobiles.

SEO is the thing you have to keep learning to become a SEO specialist.

Google Search Optimization Factors

Here are some of the factors which will help you to grow your website presence in Google search.

  • Make sure that your website passes the mobile-friendly test. This ensures that it is optimized for mobile use.
  • Fulfill all the audience objectives list which, they want to do when they visit the interface. Also, make the interface smooth for multitasking.
  • Google since July, has been using page speed as a factor in ranking mobile search.
  • Many of the websites provide you with the desktop version of their interface which makes it very difficult to operate, scroll and use. So, it is advised that along with the desktop version create mobile indexing of your interface too. This will help you boon on google rankings.
  • Check on the links.
    In website ranking SEO stacks on the very important factors list. Adding appropriate links to your website will add up to search engine optimization. There are mainly two types of links to be added that is the internal ink and the external link. Internal links are those which take you to the content of your website. The content is in close relation to the topic of your present content. Meanwhile, external links are the links that navigate you to a website other than yours. These links are added to drag the viewer to the website to gain more information which you missed out on to add in yours.

Improve SEO

Below mentioned are some of the this to smoothen up your skills.

  • Several broken links that are with 404 errors can push you down in the ranking. So make sure you do check them and remove them.
  • W3C Link Checker will help you removing broken links.
  • Exact match anchor text can be a problem when used in external linking.
  • Make sure that the brand mentions of your websites are turned into a link. To keep a check on it you can turn on Google Alert.
  • Work on the speed
    So here is the 4th way out of the top 5 ways to increase website ranking. It would be a decent way if you keep optimizing and regulating and improving the speed for desktop as well as mobile because speed plays a very important role. One can use Google Page Speed to level up.

Also read, actionable SEO tips to increase website traffic.

Speed Optimization

Here are some of the ways to further work on speed optimization:

  • An acceptable program for image editing should be used. So that it can compress, resize and rename the image in accordance with the requirements.
  • A browser loads a number of resources together with the page. These files are stocked by Browser Caching.
  • Browser caching can be enabled by various codes and special plugins are available for it in WordPress.
  • Many scripts can slow your website, files like JS and CSS are those. To avoid the slow down try and merge several scripts to one file.
  • Leveling up on-page
    Google gives access to a set of rules of SEO to anyone who wishes to ho on with the ways to improve google ranking.

Here are some of the points to be noted:

  • Add customized data to your website which makes it easy for Google to know what the page is all about.
  • The Schema format of Google helps to categorize pages into products, business, authors, food, traveling and many more.
  • A simple and detailed title should be added.
  • CTR can increase the traffic which is influenced by meta descriptions.
  • Make sure to use unique and variant descriptions.

Apart from Google, you can also fetch the traffic from other search engines like Bing. Bing search engineer is developed by the Microsoft. Submit your website to Bing. This way you can get the tones of traffic without doing any extra efforts.


SEO is one of the best ways to increase website traffic. Google has become more advanced and developed so it has closed down all the loopholes for spammers and spamming techniques to rank up. The above-mentioned procedures that are, the top 5 ways to increase website ranking will be proved as an initial one. Every good thing requires investment so you need to go on with the pace and hard work.

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