5 App Development Mistakes You Should Avoid to Get More Downloads

You need to avoid these App Development Mistakes to get more downloads.

Being an app developer is definitely very exciting as well as being potentially rewarding for the app developer.

However, there are a number of little mobile app development mistakes that can sometimes get in the way of success thus making all your work to go in vain.

Why there is so much demand for mobile app development?

“If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.”
– Bill Gates

And for the same reason, every business is looking to get their business on the app. You can read 14 reasons that describe why you need a mobile app for your business.

Mobile App Development Mistakes While Developing App:

If you are an application developer that is truly worth their salt, these are some of the common mobile app development mistakes that you really need to avoid.

If you want to make apps that will be a success on the app stores, then you should avoid making these mistakes.

1. Not Designing and Testing Designs

A mobile app is designed to run on a device that has a small screen space as well as limited operational specifications.

For a mobile app to be truly beneficial to the audience, it has got to be designed properly.

This means that the app developer should know the specifications of the devices that are being targeted.

They should also know the graphical designs that will act as visual mock-ups of how the app should look on an actual device.

2. Not Prototyping

Prototypes are very important for demonstrating certain features within a mobile app.

In case you have one feature that seems to be utterly complicated, coming up with prototypes that can be thrown away will enable you to iteratively test the feature until it works.

This way, your app will be able to perform without having to crash.  At the same time, it will give the audience what they are looking for.

3. Running Tests

Bugs can often creep into your code when you are least aware. For this reason, it is crucial that you write and run tests.

This will confirm that your mobile app is able to run properly.

Often, bugs can slip out into production thus lowering your ratings and impacting your audience base.

Running tight tests is, therefore, important if you are to come up with stable apps that can run for hours without crashing.

Testing is one of the most important skills required for Android app development.

4. Version and Platform Compatibility

If you are making apps that target different platforms, you should also be keen to come up with a methodology.

It will help you in making your apps compatible with the underlying operating system.

This means that you are able to make use of internal OS features that can be manipulated from within your app for great user experience.

5. Source Control

There are so many different types of smartphone OS. When making multiple versions of the same app for different platforms or OS versions, you should ensure that you have a source control system to take care of each of the versions.

This will help you better maintain your code as well as shortening the expected development time for the different versions of the app.

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Final Word:

In conclusion, a mobile app developer should be keen to avoid these common mobile app development mistakes. Otherwise, it often leads to downfall and apps that will stay stable in the app store with very few downloads.

Getting bad reviews that can further take you down the rank of keenly and properly developed apps.

With the tips provided in mind, you will be in a much better position.

It makes the app that can truly stand out and get the recognition that it deserves.

It also adds benefit for you as the app developer all thanks to increased visibility and popularity with high-quality apps.

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