Top 7 Different Types of Mobile Operating System [Complete list]

What are the different types of mobile operating system?

The most important software in any smartphone is the operating system. Phones are not computers.

So if you’d like to install the other operating system, it’ll take some more time.

So mobile phone operating systems should be chosen in accordance with your lifestyle.

It is also the main factor that determines phone functionality.

List of 7 Different Types of Mobile Operating System

Nowadays there are some different types of mobile phone operating systems used in the smartphone; such as Android, I-Phone OS, Palm OS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian.

Here is a list of smartphone OS in detail with their features and origin.

1. Symbian

Who did find Symbian OS?

Symbian was Nokia’s operating system, developed and sold by Symbian Ltd.

This operating system was also used by a number of Japanese manufacturers for mobile phones sold only in Japan. This operating system can be also found on some Sony Ericsson devices.


The developers were concentrated on the phone’s functionality. For instance, fast texting, taking pictures, voice control, quick dialing, some PDA features and thousands of different apps.

Nowadays this system has qualified success among users.

2. Blackberry

Blackberry OS is the mobile operating system developed specially for BalckBerry devices.

This operating system runs only on blackberry phones like Curve, Blackberry bold, Perl, and Storm series.

This OS is similar to Apple iOS because it can’t run on different brands of phones.

Which Platform is used for developing Blackberry Apps?

Traditionally, all the applications for Blackberry were written on the Java platform.

But in 2010 it was introduced the new platform, which makes use of the widget SDK.

Where we can download the Blackberry Apps?

Apps for Blackberry can be installed from Blackberry app world and via the Blackberry desktop manager.

3. Palm OS

Palm OS is the mobile operating system developed by Palm Inc. in 1996.

The intention behind developing Palm OS:

It was designed to make the touchscreen-based interface easier in usage. It is one of the really simple mobile phone operating systems to master but the platforms multitask inability may cause some users to refuse it.

The developers paid a lot of attention to minimize the number of clicks.

Nowadays Palm Company offers devices that run only on the Palm operating system or on Windows mobile.

4. Web OS

Web OS is also known as LG web OS and Open web OS.

Which is the Linux based OS for the smartphone?

Web OS is a Linux-based operating system for smartphones.

How own the Web OS?

Initially, it was developed by Palm and later sold to LG Electronics.

Web OS Features:

This is one of the mobile phone operating systems that support multitasking.

For instance, if you’re playing a game and you receive a message, you can open it without exiting the paused game.

5. Android OS:

Android OS is the most popular software created by Android Inc. It’s a great rise because it was created just in 2008.

Where you can download Android Apps?

If you have the Android-based phone you may know about Google Play, the Android market, where you can find a lot of applications for this operating system.

It’s about 700 000 apps there.

Features of Android OS:

The interface was made in order to satisfy all the needs of the user.

You can decorate your screen pages with widgets; you can place icons for your favorite applications whenever you want and so on.

It’s available on the larger number of smartphones and there are several versions of its operating system.

6. Apple iOS

Everybody knows it.

If you have an iPhone, iPod or an IPad you know what I’m talking about.

Every smartphone from Apple uses such type of software. It’s the second top-selling operating system for smartphones in the world.

How is Android different from iOS?

Android and Apple are two strong competitors.

For many, it is always hard to decide, which OS among Android and iOS is the best.

The main difference between these two mobile phone operating systems is that the iOS runs only on Apple’s smartphone line.

The interface of this operating system was unchanged since the first iPhone was developed in 2007.

Where to find Apps for iOS?

The apps for this operating system can be purchased in the official Apple app store, which has about 700 000 apps and games.

This OS was made for people who want the simple interface and a beautiful design.

7. Windows mobile

Windows mobile is a mobile operating system for smartphones and mobile devices from Microsoft Corp.

Design Specification for Windows OS:

Instead of standard icons, the screen of the Windows smartphone is covered with different colored squares.

The design also provides a lot of large text and a simple interface.

The interesting feature of Windows OS: 

There is also a very interesting feature of this OS – Kids corner.

What is Kids Corner in Windows OS?

It creates a separate corner for kids so they can’t reach your personal data.

This operating system is perfect for people who like the PC operating system and parents, who want to prohibit their personal information from children.

What’s your choice?

This is all about different types of mobile operating system. Which mobile operating system you are using in your smartphone?

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