Best Multiplayer Quiz App to Test Your Knowledge for FREE

Which is the best Trivia app to play with friends?

I am always big fond of Quiz. Two things I like about it. It helps you to enhance your knowledge and it’s like having fun if you play with your friends.

Technology is expanding in education. There are cumbersome smartphone apps are available for the quiz. I tried many of them.

Among all of them, I found QuizPursuit (QP) quiz app, one of the best apps for the quiz.

It is an interactive and stimulating FREE quiz/trivia app that will keep players engaged for hours.

How QuizPursuit app is different from other similar apps?

After some research on other similar apps, I noticed that these apps have a few drawbacks.

  • Most of the questions in the quiz are repeated.
  • There are not enough quiz topics to choose from.
  • Quiz topics have no depth. So if you hold good commands on a specific topic, you will find the
  • quiz very easy and nothing much to add in your knowledge.
  • Users don’t want to play with a random person. They feel more comfortable playing with the people they already know.

So, the developer comes with an idea of QuizPursuit app to challenge players’ knowledge in a fun way. For both iOS and Android App users.

Why is QuizPursuit one of the Best Multiplayer Quiz App?

Here’s what makes QuizPursuit stand out from the rest:

  • This app is FREE for EVER. You don’t need your credit card to play and enhance your knowledge.
  • Over 70 million unique combinations of questions. They keep adding new questions to their quiz with a projected growth rate of 5-7% per month.
  • The question will never get repeated, once you answered it correctly.
  • There are thousands of topics to choose from. So have a lot of options.
  • There will be no wait time. You just go and start playing.
  • There are Multiple play options so it will be fun playing.
  • This app also counts the amount of time you take to answer any question. Bonus points will be awarded to you if you answer quickly.

This app is available for Android as well as iOS smartphones. You can find this app online on the Google play store and iTunes.

Update: Android version of this app is no more available on Google Play store.

Install it and start playing. It’s FREE. Also, don’t forget to share your experience with QuizPursuit by writing a comment below.

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