6 Innovation for Life That Can Greatly Influence Your Daily Lifestyle

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of innovation is an invention.

No, sir, the invention is starting from the scratch.

We are not here to tell you to invent or carve out something entirely new (would be good if you could) instead to guide as to how you can employ certain technologies to up the ante of your daily routine.

Do you think Colonel Sanders invented the method of how to cook a chicken? He only devised a recipe that made him stood out from all the others out there who used to fry the chicken. Fried chicken was available even before his time, but none except a handful few etched their names in the history of fried chicken.

Similarly, we usually have everything at our disposal in our homes, all we have to do is look closely, and we can improvise on how we interact with these items.

Innovation for Life

Let’s jump right in:

1.      Learn to Keep Down the “Trickle Charges.”

Trickle charges are those charges that keep draining your power.

When you leave appliances plugged in such as your smartphone, coffee pots, toasters, TV sets and the list goes on and on, the electrical grid that you have these devices plugged in are adding to your overall at the end of the month.

The ideal way to go about this is to invest in smart power strips.

We all know what these power strips are but have we taken a moment to appreciate the beauty of these strips?

You will notice that these power strips sense when you have plugged an item in via them, that the device is no longer in use or active or no longer requires charging.

These power strips will turn down the power and if nothing, will bring you up to 100 dollars in savings on your electricity bill each year.

Amazing innovation for life, isn’t it?

2.      Have a Remote Control for Your Electronic Devices

The product by the name of Modlet lets you control most of your electronic devices remotely through a Wi-Fi outlet.

The device where it has been used the most is for air conditioning. If you are in the heat and heading back home, the best thing you or anyone would care is to find air conditioning on when you reach home.

Well, now you can with the help of innovation for life called Modlet.

3.      Look to Optimize Your Sleep

We have seen geeks are getting more addicted to the technology by squandering all time aimlessly. If you are serious about your health, you should get rid of smartphone addiction.

We are all aware of the importance of sleep in our lives and what sleep deprivation can do to us.

Our sleep cycles are divided into both light and deep stages. And especially when you are experiencing deep sleep, you would want nothing to disturb that state.

The technology by the name of SleepTracker watch detects in which stage of sleep you are and only wakes you up when you are at light stage thereby allowing you to have a good night’s rest. Upon waking up, you will find your energy levels fully rejuvenated.

4.      You can Forever Stay Young

I know what you must be thinking, cosmetic surgery.

But this is not that.

Not only cosmetic surgery is expensive and unpleasant, but the procedures are also itself harmful to the person undergoing it.

There is a more cost efficient and safer mean of staying young. It is called laser treatment.

5.      Hearing Impairment No Longer a Worry

In people with age, the incremental hearing loss is common almost to the point of complete deafness.

The hearing is one of the blessings we humans are bestowed with and to be unable to hear is the worst that can happen to someone.

The MiracleEar is an antidote to this problem.

It is not your conventional hearing aid rather is a step way ahead. Countless people have claimed that they miraculously found their gift of hearing back. And I am sure they wouldn’t lie about such a thing.

Like MiracleEar, there are many fitness applications that are helping us to keep a track of our own health.

6.      Reduce the Amount of Garbage You Send to Landfill

We all churn out huge chunks of waste via our households.

Yes, you guessed it right, there is a device for curtailing the waste.

What does it do?

It converts all your organic leftovers (for lack of a better word) into compost with the push of a button.

Now, less waste is sent out to the landfill sites which contribute to the wellness of the environment.

Another advantage of this is that you get ready to use fertilizer for your garden as a result.

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In conclusion…

Above are few examples that depict innovation for life, how innovation can help us turn our lives into a better version than it currently is.

All the methods listed are affordable, practical and can be easily adapted.

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