Why ReactJs is Popular for Front-End Development Framework?


The software industry is booming with regular disruptions and technological upgrades to new folds. The journey of technological advancements and upgrades is catching pace and growing unpredictably. People working in the technology sector need to elevate their thinking and step up to face such disruptions.

Out of many technologies, the recent upgrade is the react front-end development. Facebook introduced ReactJS in 2011. Javascript has been the leading language used to develop a vast category of software products. The precision and detailing available in Javascript are not available with any other language. To ease the use of Javascript, there are frameworks developed that help in using the language much better.

React development has become increasingly popular right from its introduction in 2011. React framework has been used for every software implementation for its ease in use and promising output. But, how and why did react development become so popular in recent times. ReactJs web development services have reached the heights of being implemented as a job profile for users of various top software development organizations.

ReactJS is a Javascript library with extensive tools to build interactive user interfaces for several websites and apps. React development is the leading software tool in the current times. Let’s look at why react development has become so popular in recent times.

Why ReactJs is Popular Framework?

  1. Faster development with reusable components:

React JS facilitates building single-page websites or an application using various independent and reusable components.

In UI, a component refers to a part of a piece of the UI. So these components are combined to build a single complex and extensive User Interface. React development follows a tree-like architecture with at least one root extending to several other components.

  1. Building reactive apps with virtual DOM:

Each component of React JS has a state and render method.
The state method looks over the data as to how it should be, and the render method looks over the looks of the UI as to how the overlook should constitute. So, the output of this method is an object, DOM. Virtual DOM is a ReactJS object that gives us a clear view of the output of implemented UI.

  1. Declarative programming to simplify coding:

The ReactJS framework is an application based on declarative programming. There is no need to explain the control flow as to how to do it. Instead, just understanding what to do suffices the purpose.

This reduces coding complexities to developers and simplifies their approach with fewer bugs and lines. The declaration can be made without any coding complications directly with the statements inbuilt in the ReactJS environment.

  1. Enables building creative UI with Javascript:

Javascript is the universal favorite language for developing creative and innovative websites and applications. The simplicity javascript provides to the working environment and eases the process of development is simply amazing. ReactJS deals with component-based development for which javascript plays the lead role. So, suppose you are planning to learn javascript. In that case, starting a tutorial with React development is the best way to understand Javascript, and starting the journey with ReactJS will give you an additional edge to learning the language effectively and efficiently.

  1. Easy integration and scaling using React development:

ReactJS functions with components and integration. Various external components and libraries like JQuery can be integrated easily with the help of React development. It simplifies the design and building of a website hassle-free and comprehensively.

  1. Support received strong community during the development cycle:

ReactJS development is an interactive environment. Meaning, there are various other interactive environments where developers may discuss mutually and clear their code-level doubts. We have seen platforms like StackOverflow, etc., where peer developers receive guidance about code and development cycle. Understanding the current trends and upscaling our growth cycle to the current trends is crucial for any software development cycle. Interacting in such platforms provides additional support to understanding these aspects.

  1. Big brands are trusting ReactJS for UI design:

The software industry has shifted to a completely modernized approach. They are encouraging the usage of frameworks that eases the development cycle and brings in quicker results. Using ReactJS has simplified the approach to UI design, making it more creative and credible. Companies have declared job profiles under React development which shows the growth of the platform.


Now it is clear why ReactJs is popular. React development is the leading framework used for developing creative UI using Javascript. The usage of reacting development has grown two folds making it easy for every software industry to create web applications. Web applications are crucial to any software industry and using react development has built the trust of the custom software development companies and cycle over the years. Using react development is advisable for building credible web applications.

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