5 Reasons | Why You Should Get a Rid of Smartphone Addiction?

Technology has made life better in many unexpected ways, and the most prominent way through which it has affected our lives is through smartphones.

The age of feature phones which provided limited capabilities is long over.

Now, we live in the age of smart handheld devices, that provide similar and even better design specifications than a PC or a desktop.

There are many different advantages that these smart devices provide to the user. But, we often ignore the way in which these devices affect and even control our lifestyle.

For those who still disagree, here are a few points to consider:

5 Reasons  for Getting Rid of Smartphone Addiction

  1. Nomophobia

Well, an interesting fact about human beings is that each of us fears different things, and mobile phones are not excluded from this list too.

We also have a word for this phenomenon – “Nomophobia”, which is an abbreviation for no-mobile-phone-phobia.

Most of the smart phone users may already have understood what I am talking about.

The feeling of anxiety when we don’t have our smartphones with us and a life without smart-phones seeming impossible are the basic symptoms.

Even though this is no serious disease, it should be a serious concern for all who are living a smart phone – dependent life. If you are victim of this serious concern, you should think of getting rid of smartphone addiction

  1. Social Life

Many may disapprove when I say that smartphones are having a negative impact on our social life. And it is quite understandable why people think so too.

Hilda Peters have explained it very well. How does Technology Affect Us Negatively? (with 5 examples from todays world).

Smart-phones keeps us connected to online social media. And the notifications popping up on our screens keeps us updated about the most recent events in the social groups in which we are a part of.

Well, what we fail to notice is that all this happens on different virtual platforms, and not in real life.

In several cases, the very first thing that smartphone users do when they step out of their home is plugging in their earphones, and using it as a way to escape real conversations with people.

Not just this…

There are many cases in which people are scared of talking to people in real life, but are comfortable with their virtual conversations.

This further leads to several conditions such as Anthropophobia (fear of people), Glossophobia (fear of public speaking), etc.

  1. Physical Activities

Yeah, why blame smartphones for the lack of physical activity in our life?


Professionals and employees working in a corporate environment may easily relate to this part.

For many of us, a major portion of the time we have in a single day gets consumed by our work. And the remaining time we have is spent in the mix of managing our personal lives and the messages in our smartphones.

There are so many messaging apps are available in the market.

What we fail to see is the amount of time that we spend on smartphones for different purposes and applications on a daily basis.

While crossing a road, you might have seen youth squandering their time by taking selfies. Even you can not imagine there are so many weird uses of these selfy sticks and many are addicted to it.

Because of heavy use of smartphones, if you think you are not physically active, you should get rid of smartphone addiction.

It is important to take a break from time to time, and there are many activities to explore and try out there. Surfing on a Friday evening, running around your city, and much more.

  1. The Competition

“Why are you ignoring me? Is it because of something that I said or did?”.

Many of us would have no clue as to why one of our contacts sent this text to us on a messaging app.

Further, on asking the reason, you would come to know that your contact found it impolite that you did not reply to their messages on time, even when you were “online”.

The point that I am trying to make is that people are in a constant race to keep up with the trends of modern society through smart-phones and its numerous installed apps.

  1. The Side Effects

We all are well aware of the side effects of smartphones in different areas of our life. Therefore, it is now important to take necessary precautions in such areas to stay safe.

This includes turning your phone off or in silent mode while driving, beginning the first few hours your day away from your smartphone and spending it on recreational activities, and so on.

There are several human creations, which can be a boon or a bane, depending on how we use it. Taking an example, we can use a smartphone to stay healthy.

When it comes to smartphones, we must understand the importance of interacting with our real surroundings and people, to avoid problems such as social anxiety disorder, etc.

We also must realize the huge amount of time that smartphones and other such devices take from our daily life. You must think on getting rid of smartphone addiction and act accordingly.

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