5 Best Whatsapp Alternative Messenger Apps in India 2023

Between January 2010 and August 2011, there was a boom in Instant Messaging Apps. As soon as some people grasped the coming need of the market to communicate as efficiently as possible, they seized the opportunity. And they invented the programs that have become today’s biggest 5 IM apps.

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So coming back to the topic, here are the 5 most useful and best messenger apps. The first one is Whatsapp and the other four apps are the best Whatsapp alternative messenger apps.

1. WhatsApp

The first one was WhatsApp, created in January 2010. It didn’t gain much ground until 2013: in February. After that, it reached 200 million active users, and by the end of December, their number had doubled.

This has drawn the attention of Facebook, which bought WhatsApp in February 2014. (In this case, you were wondering why Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are so alike).

WhatsApp has innovated the market being the first one with End-to-End Encryption, in November 2014. This is a system that protects all the content you’re sending and receiving. Only you and your partner can access it.

One of the best features of this app is that you can create groups of over 250 people and share content. Although conference calls are not yet implemented, you can always leave a voice message.

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Whatsapp Alternative Messenger Apps 2023

2. Facebook Messenger

This app was created in December 2010. It has a shocking user growth rate – 50 million new users every month.

It has great features that go beyond the basic messaging app. You can send gifs or a wide set of emoticons to express exactly what you feel. You can make conference calls or even use it to transfer money (available only in the U.S. for the moment)!

How to make a secret Conversation on Facebook Messenger?

What makes it special, however, is the “secret conversation” option. If you want to access it, you need to open a typical chat window and select the “information” icon. Once you tap “secret conversation”, a parallel chat will open. You can set a timer, and, after the recipient reads the messages, they are deleted in the specific amount of time you set.

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3. Viber Messenger

It is the third most popular social messaging and one of the best Whatsapp alternative messenger apps. This app was created by Talmon Marco, former chief information officer in the Israeli Army. It has the most complex app technology, being written in different programming languages, depending on the platform it is used.

Moreover, it has the widest availability. You can download it whether you’re using Android, Blackberry OS, iOS, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, or Mac OS, among many others.

This app is keen on sending messages as efficiently as possible. And it’s the best bet for those who don’t want to waste time with endless chatting. Therefore, even if it’s a messaging app, many use it for voice calls.

Download Viber App: Android | iOS

4. Line

In fourth place, we have Line. This app originates in Japan and was developed to fill a need in Japan. It was designed in March 2011, after the Tohoku earthquake. This earthquake destroyed the entire country’s telecommunication infrastructure.

The Line has over 220 million active users, despite not being used much outside of Japan. What makes it stand out, though, is the fact you can make free VoIP calls. You can get in touch with people who don’t use the application.

Furthermore, you can engage in conference calls with 200 users or group chats with 50 people. There’s no doubt that all these features will come in very handy in case of a natural disaster.

Download Line App: Android | iOS

5. WeChat

What is the messenger app that works in China?

Last, but not least, WeChat is China’s favorite instant messaging app. Although many have expressed their worries regarding their safety, you can rest assured that the messages are encrypted using EncodingAESKey.

More than 800 million people use WeChat as one of the Whatsapp alternative messenger apps to send messages. One can book transportation services or appointments with medical staff using WeChat messenger…

Download WeChat App: Android

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Unquestionably, an app that takes care of more than only one need is what the future holds. What features do you think are still missing in today’s most used Whatsapp alternative messenger apps?

Editor’s Note: This article “Whatsapp alternative messenger apps” is written and shared by Colin Cieloha.

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