8 Essential Skills for Strategic Leadership to Find the Leader in You

Follow these Leadership Qualities and Strategies

Leadership qualities have become those which are to acquire from inherited ones.

How does this happen?

There are some essential skills for strategic leadership.

If you look at a person as the owner of specific behavioral strategies, then all these strategies can be divided into sthenic and asthenic.

What are the Sthenic Strategies?

Sthenic ones are at current actions, for example, fighting against an opponent, actively seeking help from their superiors, goal setting and implementation of the plan, rethinking the situation and finding productive options for solving it.

The basis of sthenic strategies is the motivation to achieve success.

What are the Asthenic Strategies?

Asthenic strategies aim to avoid failure, to minimize loss or damage.

These are strategies of flight, admission of guilt, attempts to hide behind the rules and regulations and devalue the significance of the result to reduce the disorder from failure.

Which Type of Strategies is More Important to become a Leader?

The more sthenic strategies are within a person, the more chances this person has to be a leader.

The leader of antiquity had excellent fighting qualities, excellent declamatory skills, endless insistence in the implementation of the plan (for example, a hunting plan), and the ability to see the best solution to the problem.

The smaller the arsenal of sthenic strategies and the higher the similar asthenic strategy, respectively, the lower the individual descends on the scale of leadership.

Moreover, this scale has approximately the following gradations-roles: Leader – Authority – Regular – Loser.

The habit of running from problems transforms into the ability to fight for your piece of cake.

Moreover, most of the fights occur on the emotional and mental, and not on the physical level.

The innate sense of guilt gradually turns into a desire to ask, persuade, speak in public, and demonstrate oneself and one’s capabilities.

Conferences, festivals, training, forums, and talk shows become platforms for the development of publicity.

Of course, social networks with endless photo-video-text demonstrations themselves contribute to this.

Instead of hiding behind the rules and regulations, we obtained the ability to set ambitious goals and achieve them. And only then take care of compliance.

The army of hired lawyers is at your service, and there would be desirable and material possibilities.

The habit of devaluing reality, others, oneself, to “not be upset,” requires a well-developed intellect.

Accordingly, it can become into the ability to rethink the situation in the plus, to see both new meanings and new ways of solving the problem.

To improve the productivity you should get rid of excessive use of a smartphone. I always keep my smartphone away from me while working.

The World of Leadership

The ability to change the social environment in practice, like gloves (as opposed to a dead peg to the community in former times) creates the opportunity to find the society in which an individual combination of leadership qualities will be currently central and relevant.

Previously, a potential leader had to wait for decades when the current leader grew old. Besides, at this time – new, young competitors already appeared.

Therefore, it was the turn of the personalities, specifically – to us. Try to determine your place in the world of leadership. Recall the relevant situations, and answer the following questions, preferably in writing:

  1. How have your abilities to confront and win change throughout life? (Remember the examples and give the facts);
  2. Has your publicity and your ability to convince a substantial audience increase? (Remember the facts);
  3. Have your skills improved to set goals, plan their achievement and get results? (Refer to specific examples);
  4. Have your abilities changed to rethink the situation for the better and find a positive solution? (There are examples of your plus rethinking of the position?).
  5. So, what impression has made on you a “cut” of your leadership capabilities at the moment?
  6. Would you like something to improve, to improve their skills in the use of sthenic strategies?

Modern psychological technologies allow us to activate the process of increasing personal potential.

There are a lot of innovations is going around that influences our life.

Coaching and cognitive-behavioral psycho-correction is a vivid example of such opportunities.

At a proper training, both group and individual, and even remotely, the possibility of transforming asthenic (including loser) life strategies into sthenic ones increase many times!

How to Build Leadership Charisma in You?

The things people say in the modern world about the competencies of a leader. Charisma!

Charisma: the right voice, intense energy, the presence of business logic, high tolerance for stress, the ability to take the heat in negotiations and push their position, the ability to organize people and processes, planning and control, persuasion skills and so on.

But times change, respectively, the request for competencies that are in demand among the leaders also changes. Leadership ceases to be authoritarian.

The format of the leader, who bears the flag ahead on a white horse, shows his hand forward, makes all the decisions oneself, heads the column oneself, is hopelessly outdated.

This leadership does not take into account the potential of the people who follow it.

The general trend of humanity – everyone wants to show their individuality more and more and less willing to support other people blindly.

The leader of service and support is a new feature, which today often gives a result of a different quality!

The result, which is provided by the involvement in the process of a large number of people – the participation of the physical, intellectual and mental.

It is they, those who directly do the work, who create the result, who knows best how to improve it. They use apps for organizing work.

The leader’s business is to keep the general direction, not to interfere, to clear the way, to accompany, to take care that each person in the team can show one`s worth to the uttermost.

Avoid tech habits that making adverse effects on you.

Eight Steps and Essential Skills for Strategic Leadership

Here you go…

  1. Ask yourself if you have a picture of the future? If not, take to draw, describe.
  2. Go to developmental training. Go to one that guarantees to bring new knowledge and skills.
  3. Find out the meaning of any new concept in business.
  4. Ask your people what their opinion on the development of your common cause is.
  5. Ask yourself the question: “An example of what am I to my people?”
    Write down the answers, look at them and jump to conclusions what would you want.
  6. Dealing with the problem in your case, find the root cause, go to its solution. Identify the three steps you will start.
  7. Do something for your emotional and mental balance – unload the nervous system, go to a coach or a psychotherapist. You need your business with a clear head and resource status.
  8. Practice your creativity. Music, drawing, the ability to dream are good helpers in this direction.

This is all about essential skills for strategic leadership. Choose at least three points out of the list and do them in the next three days. In such a way, you will propel yourself forward the leadership of the new type.

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