The Complete Guide to Maintaining SEO Rankings for Small Businesses

You’ll be almost invisible without strong SEO. Invisible to 99% of customers, at least.

If you’re looking to keep your company on the peak of the Google ranking mountain, you’ve come to the right place. Join us as we go through a quick guide that’ll keep you on top.

Maintaining SEO Rankings Through Link Building

We all know, SEO improves website ranking. History tells us that links and backlinks have been one of the best ways to grow our SEO. That was true for the pioneers first delving into SEO, and it’s still true today. What isn’t so clear is how to make the most of it, though.

Once upon a time, any old link would generate results for your rankings. In the modern age of digital marketing strategy though, the quality counts.

This is especially true for backlinks. Getting a link from a popular blog is worth more than ten weaker links! A great place to get backlinks like this is through guest blogging.

The popular blog or news website will link to one of your internal pages, accompanied by some anchor text. The anchor text is as vital as the link itself, so learn more about it here if you’re interested.

Make Quality Your Highest Priority

Keeping your high rankings on Google isn’t as simple as inundating the search engine with endless content. The content needs laser-precise targeting and to be well-written, with a solid understanding of SEO strategy.

Don’t write for your SEO, that’s doomed to fail. Write for your audience!

Define the blog purpose for your business. Combine some thoughtful articles with an advanced understanding of SEO and you’ve got a winner. If you want to get started immediately, there are plenty of tools to help identify your most valuable keywords.

We’d like to reiterate that you remember to keep the quality up! Poor quality can damage your rankings.

Incorporate Mobile-Friendly Pages

Every year that goes by, more and more people opt to access the internet with their phones. The percentage of people that will stumble across your site on a mobile is already higher than 50%.

Missing out on that much traffic is tantamount to a crime! If you haven’t done so already, make sure that all of your pages are mobile-friendly.

Use Social Media

While not quite as influential as the other things, social media is without question a fantastic SEO tool. Not in the conventional sense, but in the way that it will drive more traffic to your pages.

You don’t have to be an SEO specialist to use social media. Social media marketing done well can do wonders for the authenticity of a page.

Keep an Eye on The Newest SEO Techniques

The last thing to help maintain SEO rankings is staying abreast of the latest techniques. Though a lot of the most commonly-used practices are well established now, you never know when something new might come along.

By staying on top of all the newest tips and techniques, you’ll be giving your company the biggest advantage. We cover everything to do with digital marketing and business here on the blog, so keep reading!

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