Who can Choose Blogging? [Foolproof Formula with Infographic]

Can I become successful blogger?

Blogging is a world full of curiosities. Curiosity like – Who can choose blogging? How to become a successful blogger? How to start with it? …

It not only brings like-minded people closer but it can also help you earn a living.

A blog is essentially a virtual scrapbook, a journal.

The term ‘blog’ was first coined in 1999, back when we weren’t aware of how powerful and influential our thoughts can become.

The blogging industry began with a tiny amount of just 23 blogs. Today, roughly 300 million blogs are at your disposal.

This number only underlines the fact that the online world and blogs are changing our worldview.

The way we communicate has evolved.

Can I Blog About… Anything and Everything?

From portraits and photographs to sharp and lengthy articles, blogging offers any type of reader an interesting way to pass the time or to get news and information.

There are multiple blogging trends you can focus on.

Blogs are so popular among internet users (around 77% of internet users read blogs), partly because they are opinionated and genuine.

In contrast to news and newspapers, they are fast-paced, personal, and target a specific audience.

People don’t have to spend a lot of money on magazine subscriptions anymore, and people in remote cities and villages have easy access to the latest news.

For those of you who are interested in dipping your toes in blogging, we have good news – you don’t need any programming skills!

Who can choose blogging? Exactly You Can be a Blogger…

The nature of the blog is such that it lets you tell a story of your choosing.

You get to decide what to write about you – set the tone and the topic.

Whether you are a foodie, a stay-at-home mom, a busy tech guru, or a passionate traveler, you can blog to your heart’s desires.

The process of blogging is also empowering. It gives voice to the repressed, to the less fortunate, and those who have no other way to spread a message.

One of the easiest ways to create and manage a blog of your own is to develop it on the WordPress blogging platform. In fact, 96% of all blogs are using this marvelous software.

Once you have a blog you can start writing articles. You will realize as you are gradually becoming a professional writer if you follow the right direction.

Blogs Need Structure

People remember witty blog names, so give yours some more thought.

The structure of a blog should entail a neat design and easy to find categories.

Entertaining videos and images are today’s most sought-after particles of a blog post.

The readers love to look at pretty pictures and how-to videos.

A case study has shown that the ideal blog post shouldn’t be longer than 2,100 words, so pick your words wisely.

Another useful advice for those looking for more traffic is to insert share buttons so that readers can share your posts with friends through social media.

When we were growing up, we turned to our older siblings or the cool teachers for advice. Today bloggers have the power to guide you, inform you and offer you entertainment.

The visitors like it when you reply to their questions and comments and see you post realistic views on a topic.

They learn from your experience and implement your thoughtful pieces of advice.

This type of connection with your readers makes you more humane, more approachable and reliable.

Moreover, a blog is your online space; give it some of your personality. It doesn’t have to be stiff and very professional.

Make a plan and stick to it. The most successful blogs are the ones that get updated regularly.

Don’t shy away from guest blogging. Take part in other bloggers’ posts. Readers love seeing a united front, and you obtain a new audience.

If you are new to the blogging industry, you should read masterpiece advice by a great blogger.

If you still ask me to give a one-line answer to your question- who can choose blogging? The most useful advice we can give you is, to be honest with yourself. Write about something that occupies your thoughts, and offers your audience some valuable information.

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  • Imtik Wa

    I have started blogging for 3 years now. Blogging requires continuous effort. And I keep learning new things every day. Thanks for this article and infographic.