Galaxy Note 4 Features, Release Date And Expected Price

Galaxy Note 4 Features, Release Date And Expected Price

After hearing lots of rumors about the Galaxy Note 4, users might be wondering what they are getting this time around from Samsung and this goes to say for Samsung fans and phone owners too. Some users might be thinking to upgrade from a previous Galaxy Note 2 or Galaxy Note 3 or even the good old Galaxy Note. Read on to find out more about the Galaxy Note 4 and know why it’s worth upgrading.

Latest Rumors on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Word has it that the Galaxy Note 4 is going to coming in an all metallic bodyin a rectangular slab like shape having bigger bezels to protect the screen. So, if you were to accidentally drop this huge phablet, it’ll survive to see another day. And about the screen, we are looking at a beautiful 5.8 inch SUPER AMOLED panel with pumped up pixels and a mammoth resolution of 2560 x 1440 Pixel pumping 546 PPI of pixel density, we haven’t seen PC display with that much resolution and surely LG G3 beat Samsung in this department offering a QHD panel earlier. Under this rectangular metal slab will be the IP 67 rating of the smart phone. So, if it’s a surprise splash or a swim, Galaxy Note 4 is ready always.

Camera and other hardware wise Galaxy Note 4 will be seeing huge improvements. First of all, the stunner, ISOCELL sensor technology with its 16 Mega pixel module is to get a boost in performance. It might have performed well in good or average lighting conditions, but low light situations hasn’t been much of strong suite for it. So, Samsung’s adding some upgrades to the sensor for the Note 4 but we’ll still be seeing the same 16 Mega pixel module but there’s possibility of dual tone flash as well and a 4 K video recording with other resolutions( 1080 P, 720 P etc…) will be supported .

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There will be two variants of the Galaxy Note 4 but surprisingly both will be 4 G LTE capable. The Snapdragon 805 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be a quad core variant with 3 GB of RAM for support. The in house Exynos 5433 Galaxy Note 4 will be an octa core 64 bit variant with the same RAM configuration, but Exynos seems to have an advantage here with the 64 bit architecture. Paired up with Android L Operating System , you’re getting a juicy package with the Galaxy Note 4 .

Impressive specs, waterproof body and feature packed , Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the much anticipated smart phone of the year and if you’re thinking of upgrading, you might want to start saving.

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