XNSPY Android Spy Software

Do you want to play ‘true detective’ with your kids or employees, spying on their location or other activities? Well you don’t need coats and hats to do that but rather XNSPY Android spy software that can get into the target user’s smartphone and remotely sends data to an online control panel.
This aforementioned monitoring app works great with all Android devices and smartphones. It can secretly tell what your kids are doing or if your employees are motivated to work. Feeling confused about how you can achieve any of it? Take a look at XNSPY’s features:

1. Calls, SMS and Emails Monitoring

This Android spy software offers incoming, outgoing and missed calls logs of the target user. It also provides access to SMS conversations and emails. Managers can check emails of their employees without the need to install separate software on their smartphones. Email monitoring is almost like a workplace norm.

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2. GPS Tracking

Tracking employees’ real-time location can help managers know about their whereabouts during lunch breaks or whenever it feels necessary. Parents can make sure that their kids are safe and sound even if by setting up geo-fences, so that kids only enter those places that would be authorized by the parents.

3. Instant Messaging Tracking

Are you worried of your kid’s sleeplessness? They are probably obsessed over Facebook and WhatsApp late night group chats. You can access those chats and know what’s so special about them that’s keeping them up all night. Make sure it’s not the anons that your kids are chatting with. Employees also can’t leave their obsession at home for instant messaging. So a lot of them waste their time chatting with their colleagues. XNSPY lets you access your kids’ and employees’ calls, texts, photos, video, audio from WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Viber and Skype.

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What’s The Downside?

Well I guess that some deficiencies do exist in the form of some missing features. I would have loved to see the blocking or censoring feature. Though the remote control feature of lets you lock the target device but it doesn’t allow for individual apps blocking or censoring,

Where’s the benefit?

The benefits will come in the form of cost savings from reduced inventory theft, less time wastage (more productive employers) and through protection of your corporate information. For parents, the can rely on remote monitoring rather than hiring a caretaker or governess.
XNSPY Android monitoring software comes at a very affordable price of just $7.49/month for the basic edition and $10.82/month for the premium edition. Do give it a try!

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