How I Optimize Mobile App to get 1 Million Downloads | 3 Powerful Tricks

In an earlier post, we have written why do you need mobile apps for your business. In this post, I will share tips to Optimize Mobile App that ends up me getting 1 million downloads for my customer apps. The way these master tricks has helped me, you will get the drastic result too.

To improve the discoverability of your app, you can leverage from various sources of promotion. For instance, you can use tools like word-of-mouth and smart app banners in your favor or contact advertorials, bloggers and influencers to reach out to their audience.

But if you are targeting 1 Million downloads, you can not just rely on reaching audience manually.

Indexing your app page on your website also encourages app downloads. And these are just a few options listed out for you.

Optimize Mobile App

Understanding the App Store algorithm would be your key to success. Through our SEO tips to increase website traffic, we will try to make you understand the algorithms of App Store Optimization (ASO).

So, today we are going to focus on tips for App Store Optimization for iOS and Android App Store. And also I will guide you with free ways to increase app downloads in the App Store.

Tip 1. Use Keywords that Match Your Target Audience:

Just like SEO for websites, strategizing and apt selection of keywords is also applicable for app store optimization. Ask yourself the following questions which choosing keywords.


What keywords people enter while searching for apps of your category?

Ranking Challenge:

Does your chosen keywords list among the top results?

Search Volume:

How frequently are the users searching for those keywords?

Do not dwell on keywords with high search volume. Relevance and the choice of a keyword which you can score with are more important parameters.

There are several tools through which you can get the information regarding those three questions.

Remember, choosing the right keyword is the most important to optimize mobile app strategy.

As a mobile app developer, our recommendations are Apptweak and App Annie. In addition to providing you information about keywords, these tools provide more opportunities for data analysis and market research around apps.

If you want to learn more about marketing, you can read the case study of Starbucks marketing strategy. Starbucks is known for its excellent customer relationship. The same way you have to care about your app user.

Use the selected keywords strategically while writing the title and description of your app. Search volume strategy is directly one of the best free ways to increase app downloads.

Keyword Optimization of Title

Make sure that one or two selected keywords are included in the name of your app. There are some certain guidelines to optimize a mobile app by choosing the right title.

  • Limit your app title to 25 characters
  • Avoid using special characters
  • Avoid using keywords which could also be category names (free food and drinks, photo & video)

In the App Store, you also have an option to define the keywords separately, with a maximum of 100 characters. In that case, the following guidelines apply:

  • Use a comma to separate the keywords and leave the space after the comma to use the 100 characters as efficiently as possible
  • Avoid repeating keywords
  • Use numeric values instead of writing numbers in alphabets
  • Eliminate stop words
  • Write the name of your app as a keyword too

Optimization of the Description

With the strategic inclusion of keywords, you can use the description section to promote your app by informing people about the value and potential of your app, thereby trying to create the right expectations with the app – what you see is what you get.

Customize Your App’s Language for Your Users

Improve local find-ability by adapting your app to the local markets by leveraging language and country-specific settings. By using the local language of a particular country, the app will rank higher than if only one language (English) is used. Localization allows for the exponential growth of downloads if you are targeting users with diversified local languages.

Tip 2. Use Attractive Visuals:

Visuals have no direct impact on the rank of your app as the algorithm of the App Store images does not consider it as a ranking factor. However, they have an enormous impact on the way users perceive your app.

Visuals somehow ensure that your app is viewed more often and eventually downloaded. So we are considering this trick as second best in our optimize mobile app strategy.

App Icon

The icon for your application is the first visual introduction of your app to the users, so it is important that you give away a straightforward and powerful through it. The app icon is also ideally used for branding. If you are new in the industry, follow these brand awareness proven tactics to enhance your brand value.

To attract the attention of potential users, we recommend considering the following points:

  • Avoid using text in the app icon.
  • Make sure the icon does not look too busy, focus on one idea.


You have room to include five screenshots on your app page. Make smart use of that space and pay extra attention to the first two screenshots that you choose to add. Keep the following guidelines in consideration to select the right kind of screenshots.

  • Test various screenshots by a/b-tests
  • Add descriptions to the screenshots, so the user is informed about the features that are being depicted in the images
  • Use vivid screenshots – avoid common interfaces such as a settings page
  • If there is a need, consider combining multiple screenshots at one slot. But make sure it does not look cluttered

Promotional Video

As icing on the cake, you can also include a promotional video on your app page for promotional and branding purposes. Here are some tips that might come handy while you are shooting the preview:

  • Write a script and make sure you stick to it
  • You have only 30 seconds to ensure that your most important message in clearly in the video during the first few seconds
  • Create such a video that appeals to a broad audience.

Tip 3. Send Positive User Signals:

The App Store is largely based on the personal interaction of the users with the app and what happens when your app appears in the search results. Does the user click on your app? Is the app being installed once the user clicks on it? Is the app being used after installation?

If you are looking for Android app downloads, Also read the top 10 hacks to Increase Android App Engagement with User.

In addition to these engagement signals the following statistics are also considered in the algorithm:

  • Total number of app downloads and de-installation
  • How often you update your app in the app store
  • Average rating and number of reviews on the app

I have tried these hacks to increase downloads for my customers. Many mobile apps crossed 1 million downloads in the app store. If you really want to boost your app downloads, then these free ways to optimize the mobile app and to increase app downloads become mandatory. Implement them or hire experts who would help you implement these strategies more effectively and witness the results yourself.


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