Science behind Mobile Battery Explosion | Experimental Video

Smartphones are coming with more features which require more energy. To provide the energy, mobile manufacturers are crossing the limit by storing more energy and providing fast charging.

In one way it is beneficial as storing more energy in limited battery space and providing fast charging. But going beyond the threshold, it can lead to battery heat and final extent it can be worst as mobile battery explosion.

This is what happened with the case of Samsung.

When they launched the Samsung Note 7, they got an overwhelming response in the first week itself as in terms of a number of devices sold.

Just after a week, a couple of note 7 started getting exploded. Many of the airlines prohibited to carry note 7 in flight.

They have stopped all the production and asked the customer to return all the purchase devices. With this one incident, they almost lost the cap of being the brand value in the smartphone industry.

Science behind Mobile Battery Explosion:


Most of the smartphone uses lithium batteries. Lithium ions are used in the battery as it is highly anodic. There are two electrodes on opposite side of each other in battery called anode and cathode. Lithium ions move from one side electrode to another side while using the smartphone. While charging the smartphone, ions move in opposite direction.

Inside battery that two electrodes should not come in contact with each other. This is ensured by inserting separator between two electrodes.

If you charge the battery for more time, a poorly manufactured separator can be flawed. It removes the barrier between two electrodes. Both cathode and anode come in contact with each other. This results in the emission of gas. Further it ignites the flame to explode.

Not only smartphone, Tesla Car also had lithium mobile battery explosion problem in their initial production.

Samsung has a huge loss because of poorly manufactured separater.

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In another way, we have the option to opt for best power bank to get the relief from exclusive power consumption.

Mobile battery explosion incidence comes with lesson/challenge for all the smartphone manufacturers. Extending battery life is essential as new features keep coming that require more power consumption. But they have to keep threshold for the power storing capacity in battery with well-manufactured elements in the battery. The small mistake can ruin the business.

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