First Impressions On The iPhone 5S

The first impressions are more impressive by what the news is saying, and the news is saying that the iPhone 5S is already outselling the iPhone 5C on a two for one margin. This means that the more expensive Apple phone is outselling the cheaper more plastic version. This is going to come as great news to Apple who may have started to worry about just how well Samsung is doing on the phone market. The iPhone 5S is currently accounting for 64% of all their iPhone sales, so it has really gotten off to a good start. Here is a mix of some of the impressions that people have been giving so far.

Was the Apple iPhone 5S a required upgrade?

First impressions say no, but even so, it is currently the fastest Apple Smartphone ever, so that is something. It does look like its predecessor, but it is faster and has cool upgrades such as the fingerprint sensor and the improved camera flash system. It is small, but it is powerful, and it is also future-proof. Although, knowing Apple, it will not be future proof for long.

What about those who say it’s boring?

Some are a little disappointed that they have not gone further. After all, they are a massive company with a massive budget and they could have pushed the envelope a little more. Google are a baby company compared to Apple, and yet they are responsible for the operating system that powers most Smartphones on earth, and they are innovating with things such as Google Glasses.

Yet, the same old design with slightly better stats seems to have cropped up yet again. People who have an iPhone 5 or a 5C are going to be fools to purchase this phone because it does not offer anything extra that is truly worth the expense. If a person does not own an iPhone 5 already, then they should get it. But, in terms of reengineering or innovating, the iPhone 5S is lacking.

It’s a marginal improvement on the predecessor

Some people feel that the 5S should not really have been brought out. It is a good phone when compared to all others, but it is only a marginal improvement on the ones that were brought out before it. Ideally, they should have kept these improvements for the next iteration of the iPhone, where they could have added these improvements to the many more that are likely to come with the next iPhone iteration.

What do people like?

One of the things that a lot of people are talking about is the camera. It is not a 13MP, which is a shame, but it is an 8MP camera, and is rather good with a fair amount of software and integrated hardware to go with it. It has LED Flash, Panorama, Burst Mode, Video Recording, Digital Image Stabilization, Autofocus, Dual Camera Record and Slow-Mo. It is able to capture 1080p videos too. All of these extras are what a lot of people find very appealing about the iPhone 5S.

Dead fingers are worrying some

The idea of this phone having finger ID scanners has brought an old fear back to surface. Firstly, a lot of people envision having their fingers cut of just so people can steal their phone. The other is the fact that too many episodes of CSI have taught us how to lift a print and wrap it around your latex gloved finger. In other words, this new and fancy technology is no safer than the standard pin number lock.

Biometric pione NexID’s new technology is supposed to put an end to this. They say that the iPhone 5S has a sensor that cannot tell if you are alive or dead when you press the phone. They claim that their technology says that no prosthetic finger will be able to press the buttons in any way.

In defense of the iPhone 5S, the fingerprint ID was beaten by the spoofs that they set up in their tests. They were not beaten by the everyday thug of a thief that goes around stealing phones. The same thug may see the sweet young girl type in here pin number, or watch the brute guy mouth the numbers as he types them in so that they can steal the brute and the little girl’s phone without problems later. But, how is this same thug going to copy the fingerprint of the innocent young girl or the brute? Is a kidnapping charge for the little girl worth the money for a stolen iPhone? Or, is a black eye from the brute worth the money as you try to cut off his finger?

The fingerprint scanner may leave some naysayer’s griping about the new iPhone 5S, but at the moment it is just another security device amongst many, and is more use on the phone than it is off.

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