Top 5 Tech Stories of the week

Lots of buzz going around for Budget 2015 by India government specially interest has been seen from techie. Apart from this its news from Samsung and Sony as they want to rebounce to abide their impression in smartphone market. After that its from Google, it is long awaited Nexus release by Google. We put the brief glance over top 5 tech stories of this week.

Top 5 Tech Stories of the Week

Top 5 Tech Stories of the week

1) 2015 Budget for Techie

Just before couple of  days India announced its Budget for 2015. It may have given relief for domestic product but mobiles smartphone, tablets that are imported from other countries price may go up. Good side to this price hike on imported product is that, it may boost to Indian origin product in the market. Even mobile phone bills also possibly getting high.

2) Budget 2015: 1000 crore as Startups funds

To promote entrepreneurship, Indian Government seems to be positive. To enforce boost in entrepreneurship government has kept 1000 crore aside. It”s really good news for entrepreneur those are ready to come with their startup.

3) Samsung & Sony Experia bog down its prices

Samsung and Sony, two giant in Smartphone manufacturer are rivaling with Motoroala, Xiami , Micromax. Motoroala, Xiami and Micromax are well know to deliver lot many features in low cost. To grab the market attention Samsung Galaxy S5  & Sony experia Z2 has bogged down its prices. First time in market, the price of Samsung Galaxy S5 & Sony experia Z2 is bellow 30k.

4) Relief for Roaming charges

Trai is going to relax charges on roaming call. It is good news for roaming call user as it is possibly will bog down by up to 80% to current rate. Where as there is no as such announcement over local calls charges. It seems to be in tactic.

5) New Smartphones : Nexus smartphones by Google

Rivaling to Motorola Moto E (Moto E: 5 reasons why one should buy Moto G), Moto G, Xiami mi4, Micromax Canvas, Google is going to launch two Nexus smartphones up to end of this year. For Nexus smartphone India is going to be big market and have delighted user. As per the speculation going in tech market, it is turning out to be Nexus 7. It has been long time since Google launched Galaxy  Nexus 6 in October 2014. It is good to see if Google uses its own new customize SoC (System on Chip) or will go for Qualcomm version in its new Nexus Smartphone.


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