Top 3 Space Research and Technology to realize the Potential of Space

It was tenure when United State only had command on Space Research and Technology, they reluctantly refused for transferring the space research and technology to other Counties. They had coaxed other developed nations also not to transfer the same to other countries. Despite these resistances Asian Scientist along with Indian scientists took charge and kept the glory of success in front of the world.

Space Research and Technology


Bellowed are the top 3 Space Research and Technology of this year that let the whole world admire….


ISRO launches Navigation satellite:

ISRO is Indian space research organization. It’s worldwide known for its Space research and development. ISRO launched Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System called IRNSS, dated 16 October from Satish Dhawan Space Center based at Sriharikota near to capital of Tamil Nadu Chennai. To launch this Navigation Satellite, ISRO used its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle called PSLV-C26. With launching, this satellite ISRO has completed its 27 consecutive flight of PSLV. The rocket that they have used to launch the satellite has “XL” configuration. This configuration of PSLV has been used six times before.

ISRO launched navigation satellite on 16th October which has a weight of 1425 KG. Rocket has taken 20:18 minute to reach Satellite to it’s destined elliptical orbit. Now navigation satellite is flying with an elliptical orbit of 282.56 KM perigee wise and 20670 KM apogee wise.

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China Launches moon Spacecraft:

Many of countries already step down to Moon but still China not yet managed to do the same. And looking at their enthusiasm they are highly excited to bag their name among all other countries that already smelled soil on the moon.

On October 24 China launched moon spacecraft. This spacecraft has the mere technology and designed such that it fly around the moon and back to the earth. The main purpose of this spacecraft is to test technologies that to be used in their moon mission Chang”e-5 as the future probe. It is going to be their countries first moon mission. Moon mission Chang”e-5 has provision to come back on earth.

Spacecraft has been developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. It occupies lunar orbit and launched from the Xichang Satellite launch Center based in Southwest China”s Sichuan province. The whole mission takes eight days, in that eight days spacecraft fly around the moon almost for half a circle. After its fly around the moon comes back return to the earth. The spacecraft has the velocity to cover 11.2 kilometers just in one second. Speed slowdowns once it will enter into the atmosphere. China approaches to probe terrestrial atmosphere at such a huge velocity that will help them on their moon mission. On return back of this spacecraft, it will land in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of north China.


Biggest telescope ever that can identify coin placed 500 KM far:

India along with Japan, Canada, US, China boots up to start work on the biggest telescope in the world. Its name is TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope), this name considered from its length of 30 meters. They have planned to accomplish all their work in March of 2022. Japan is about to deal with the major role and will invest a quarter of total cost require to construct world’s biggest telescope TMT. Coming to its capability, it is supposed to identify the coin placed more than 500 km far.

These Space Research and Technology realize the potential of space technology and to help to solve real problems of man and society.


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