Does Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has Wireless Charging Technology?

How does Samsung Galaxy Note 4 charging work?

According to news from well-respected sources case on point ET news, it is most probable that Samsung will unveil wireless charging technology with galaxy note 4. This is a technology all smart gadget manufacturers have been trying hard to master but in vain. However, Samsung is drawing nigh to making the discovery.

Samsung Wireless Charging Technology in Galaxy Note 4

Apparently, the problem from the beginning has been trying to look for a better version of wireless charging that may be used with smart gadgets. But Samsung is making impressive progress. There are rumors of a team of experts from Samsung that has been kept indoors to study the possibilities and the manufacture of wireless charging. There is good news coming from the chambers; the technology is working. All possibilities point at Samsung breaking the record and incorporating the technology in the note 4.

After Samsung announced that it has discovered how magnetic resonance can be used to charge smart gadgets, it is only note 4 that is standing in the gap to first introduce the technology.

Nevertheless, the range at which you can place the phablet away from the power source for charging to take place is still a mystery. Samsung has not yet unveiled that detail. It probably must wait until the launch of the phablet scheduled for mid-2014 in order to announce from how the magnetic resonance can actuate charging.

Benefits of note 4 wireless charging

  •  The main targeted idea here and actually the topmost advantage is the ability to charge note 4 while still in the pocket but provided you are within the set range of magnetism that can initiate charging.
  • No need to carry a charger all over as the phone can always stay charged whenever there is a field of magnetism and the charging button is engaged.
  •  Eliminating the risk of power surges damaging your phone. That is the norm with normal contact charging.
  •   No need to spend time keeping watch of your phone while it is charging. You simply tuck in the phone in the pocket and whenever you are within a magnetic field, the phone battery recharges.

Why wireless charging not in S5?

Both S5 and Note 4 are expected to launch in 2014. Therefore the argument could take a turn and require one to answer why wireless charging will not be introduced in S5 instead seeing that S5 will launch earlier before note 4.The obvious answer is that since true magnetic resonance wireless charging is expected to be fully tested and implemented in mid 2014, the only gadget inline with this date is the galaxy note 4 that is scheduled to debut late 2014. S5 is coming earlier before the wireless charging is completed.

No doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will make history as the first smart gadget to utilize magnetic resonance wireless charging.


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  1. khuranariya says

    One more exciting technology is coming with Galaxy note 4 i.e Stylus pen which will be powered by ultrasound technology.

    he patent application describes the working of S Pen with ultrasound waves, which are collected by up to four sensors located at the either side of the phone.

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