Samsung Galaxy S6 Specification, Features and Prize

Samsung has been pretty successful other the last couple of years with their Android devices. Currently, Galaxy S4 and Note 3 carry the flagship ownership of Samsung. It hasn’t been long since we’ve seen Samsung came to capture the share of smartphones from iPhone Apple’s market. Now, Samsung is quite dominating the whole market share. With lots of innovations going on every year, we can already see the overflowing of smartphones from Samsung hub. We’re expecting a great release of Galaxy S5 earlier and all of our speculations are right on target. Let’s see if we can accumulate enough information for the next release of Samsung Galaxy S6 that is.

Galaxy S5 Galaxy S6 full Metal Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S6 :

After the successive premium phones like Galaxy S4 and S3, we’ve figured out the outlook of Galaxy S6 will have similarities with its predecessor. Additionally, it might feature a curved display with a display size around 5.5 inches. Samsung is planning for a bendable OLED display made out of plastic on their newer Galaxy flagship series. They’re also planning for a weight reduction in their smartphones. Galaxy S4 was considerably lesser than S3’s weight. So, we’re expecting a drastic weight reduction in Galaxy S6 as well.


Speculation of Specs :

When we’re dealing with Samsung’s flagship series devices, we’re sure they’ll put the best technology in town to impress their customers. Let’s see some of the amazing specs of Galaxy S6.
Nvidia Tegra processors are around the corner, so as the Snapdragon series (Snapdragon 800 is the fastest and it’s been used in Galaxy Note 3 is. But, the rumors going around that the Intel processors will have a shot after the Haswell.
Although memory is not a concern for maximum users, Galaxy S6 will probably pack 64GB storage with the capability to increase its size up to 128GB. It’ll also feature more reliable Wireless charging depending on its massive 4,000 mAh battery capacity which can last up to 36 hours for maximum usage.

Certainly, Galaxy S6 will feature Android. Now, it’s the time for KitKat. We’re expecting Android Milkshake for Galaxy S6. Tizen OS also might have a chance over Android.

With powerful specs, comes spectacular camera and video features. Currently, Samsung has packed a 13MP camera at its best in Galaxy Note 3. But, they’re working on prototypes to increase the quality of their camera performance. We’re expecting to get 20MP rear camera on Galaxy S6 and also 5-7MP front camera support for best video calling features.

Galaxy S6 might look it’ll be the best device in town, but, it will surely put a subtle pressure on your wallet. According to our approximations and market share, Samsung will probably put a price tag of $800 on its flagship device and its expected release date is on 2015.



  1. mukul says

    i think galaxy s6 would make a boom in the market and its features are exceptional. some features are new .. i am really excited for this smart phone..

  2. pradeep says

    i think the Galaxy s6 will the most amazing thing by Samsung as rumors of S6 are telling much more than usual specs, like flexible display, powerful processor, camera and battery.

    So, be ready Galaxy s6 is coming soon…

  3. Gurung Bin says

    Galaxy S6 will have the best specification and it will definitely give huge competition to Apple and other Android manufacturers

  4. Mark Anderson says

    I am using my own galaxy s6 from past few month and found really great results, It just incredible and give me a great performance

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