Samsung Galaxy Note 5 : Note the future

Its been few months to the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and rumors about Samsung galaxy Note 5 have started arising. Many top site have also written about it now . So to be believed Samsung might be launching Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in the future.

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Since Samsung has not confirmed any news regarding Note 5, sources say that Note 5 will be build from the scratch just like the “Project Zero” aka Samsung Galaxy S6.  Not only this ,it is also being said that it may have a 6 inch screen with 4k resolution . Well we know what 4k resolution TV cost at present day ,I guess this modification might increase the price of the Smartphone drastically, something that people don’t want to  see.

Samsung Galaxy Note series has been performing well in the past years but not like it did while Note 2 was released. Note 3 was not able to achieve such a market crazy ,and Note 4 is at its early stages . We expect Note 4 to perform better than Note 3.

Sources also reviled that Samsung might launch 1/3rd of the Smartphone it used to launch in a year. So there are chances that you might not be able to see some major series like Grand ,Neo and so on. As of now there is also no confirmed news about it .

We expect a  lot of stuff from Note 5 , just as fingerprint sensor, retina scanner, and being water resistant and dust resistant. With all due respect one thing that Samsung has not done is to bring their featured and popular series design changes. The design of Note 2,3 and 4 were almost the same just there was change in the screen size and same was with S series ,expect for S2 . This time we expect to see some design changes in the note smartphone and there are also chance that it may have a metallic body .

Stay tuned for more information on Samsung Galaxy Note 5



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