President Obama playing Soccer with Robot

Day by day technology is growing, it is really difficult to scale it as it is growing in all dimensions. Spacecrafts ready to have Mars Mission, Man reaches to moon. (You may like to read Top 3 Space Research and Technology ). Scientist are fighting to cure critical diseases. Mobile battery getting charged by sending message. Man becomes scarecrow as manpower getting reduces by Human clone Robots. The things are getting easier than that of common man expectation.

There are many more developing countries are embarking in technology just like everyone want to amaze the world with their innovation. And if it comes to innovation, the first name comes Japan.  They embarks first role in developing Robots. Bellow is video where US President Obama playing soccer with robot. Video has taken at Tokyo, Japan at the time of US President Barak Obama visit.  The way Robot makes move in soccer court, US president could not stop to show his ecstatic emotions. 😉

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