Global Logic Placement paper Candidate experience


Placement paper Global Logic candidates experience

Candidate Aniruddha Chaudhari
Company Global Logic
Venue Detail Nagpur , Engineering Globa Logic Center46 , Harihar Nagar ,
Lambent IT Park , Besa ,
Nagpur – 440034
Phone: 91-712-280-8000
Fax: 91-712-280-8090
Date of Venue 28/03/13

I am very glad to discuss global logic placement paper with answers and all about my interview. There were two round for selection procedure
1. Written test
2. Technical and  H.R. interview

Written test: –
This is combined test having 50 question ,
in which 20 question of mathematical aptitude
30 question  on C .

Aptitude test was too easy but C questions were kinda tough.
We have to solve this in 55 min.

Majority of the people are shortlisted from written test so be aware and prepare well.

Out of 750 , 20 candidate were short selected for interview and I was among them.

Interview: –

There was combine technical and HR interview.

1) What are the difference types of data structure??

  • -stack
  • -queue
  • -link list
  • -circular link list
  • -heap
  • -tree

2) What is mean by binary tree??

  • Its tree having almost 2 child to every node.

3) Difference between array link list

  • Array have contiguous memory location and we can access even middle element directly.
  • to access any data element we have to traverse whole link list from first node. Random access is not possible with link list. Node in link list are not stored continuously.

4) How do you decide which one is use, array or link list?

  • Use array, whenever requires random access
  •  Use link list whenever don’t have contiguous memory location.

5) What is circular link list?
6) Difference between stack and heap
7) Difference between virtual function and pure virtual function
8) Insertion operation of element in link list
9) How to create infinite loop?

  • Using for loop
    -For(int n;;n )
  • -Using do
    } while(true)
  • -Using switch statement

10) How to handle large string than memory space assign to that variable??

  • there is built in setw(n) function in cpp. So that even if you read  a string larger than memory size, it does not terminate the program.

11) What is mean by polimorphism in cpp ? Explain with example…

12 ) Difference between c and cpp??

  • explain structure in c vs class in cpp
  • oops feature not in c
  • In cpp more emphasis is given on security of data.

13) What are the object oriented programming ( oops) features??

  • polimorphism
  • operator overloading
  • function overloading
  • function overriding
  • template
  • data encapsulation

14) What are the sorting technique??

  • insertion sort
  • selection sort
  • merge sort
  • heap sort
  • quick sort
  • radix sort

15) What are the searching technique??

  • binary search
  • linear search
  • hashing technique

14) Difference between structure and class??

  • class is the extension of structure in c
  •  In structure we can not encapsulate member function.
  •  Where as we can use both number element and member function in class
  • Private is default visibility of member element in class
  • public is default visibility of member element in structure.

15) What is mean by pointer and dagling pointer??

16) What is mean by Malloc and calloc memory allocation in c??

My question to interviewer at the end of interview as they let me ask them…

17) Sir, I’m going to share my experience on PcSkull, would you like if I mention your name in that article ??

They (duo) gave me a ample smile and just explaining that they cannot do that. Still they told me their name but I’m not gonna to share here.

I am so happy to tell you that I got call from HR on 1st April by afternoon  and she told me that I have been placed by  Global Logical. By the way it is not April fool as many of my friends just thinking so…haha

My advice is, if you do not have time to prepare just go through previous papers. That will sound well for you.

Mere thing is that I got to know about this walk in drive is the day before  written test.  I also got joining from  IGate computer solution,Bangalore.  But I prefer to  go with Global Logic as the working domain of this company is mobile application development and yes it  is my territory 😀 *H@pPy Time*

Give your best of best,  I would love to see you in Global Logic.

All the Best!!

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  1. Aniket Yawlikar says

    Really all good placement papers are here.
    If there is any opening let me know? 🙂
    Thanks !!

  2. Aniruddha says

    Thank you very much!!
    Subscribe to PcSkull email subscription service. You will updated for every opening .

    1. Gunjan says

      hii…….i have aptitude test of Global Logic on 11 april plz help me what i will prepare to crack the exam and for technical we hv to choose java or c++ …..i will choose java tell me questions on java also….

  3. Swapnil says

    I have applied for digital logic 5 day before.but i did’t got any replay from company.also I applied form this site. I want to know that whether they will send replay to shortlist student .

    1. PcSkull says

      Hie Swapnil,

      They will communicate separately via email. You will get updated for venue detail in up coming couple of days.

  4. PcSkull says


    we can not specify directly what kind of quetion they will ask … just at least go through all object orientation concept 🙂

  5. vijaya says

    really happy to say I had learned many things from your site .it was really very helpful to all.thank you aniruddha

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