Persistent placement paper: Candidate Experience

Candidate Rahul Gawale
Company Persistent System Ltd.
Venue Detail SGGS IE & T Nanded, MS
Date of Venue 09/09/2014

Hi Guys,
I would like to share my experience of Persistent Systems Ltd. In Persistent placement paper first there was aptitude test of 60 marks time limit was 60 min. (no negative marks). All objective questions were based on SE, DBMS, C, C++,OS, Software testing. 7 aptitude questions were also there. You have to write two programs and one passage. Each program has 20 minute and passage is for 10 minute.

There were 2 technical rounds and 1 HR round for interview if you perform well in TR1. You will get selected for HR directly… there you have 90% chances of being selected. HR is nominal you have to speak 5 min on topic possibly your hobby. Basically you should be perfect in that, which you have mentioned in your resume.
All questions will be based on that. All C++, C, java programming you must do the network programming, database and file handling.

There may be questions like find name of persons from table whose salary is second highest, suppose table emp(eid,ename,mngrid) then write query to display the name of manager with resp. to every emp.

  • What is composite primary key?
  • What is weak entity?
  • There were also questions like diff between mutex_lock and semaphore.
  • What is producer consumer problem?
  • Find the 3rd last element from the linked list?
  • Find the middle element of linked list with minimum time complexity?
  • Write c program to upload file to another pc connected in network?
  • Write c program to download file from the network?
  • Linux….

There was only two questions on Linux to me. Because i have mentioned Linux….if you don’t mention in your resume may be there will be no questions on Linux. You have to run any command on the specific time in a day, what will you do? Certain process is running there, you have to keep the process alive even you log out the system, how to do this?
One tip: if interviewer expects some question from you, it means they are likely to select you, must ask questions.
Thank you….



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