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Madhav Purohit Candidate Rahul Purohit
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jun 2013
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Hi Frinends,
This was my first interview experience which helped me to find the way ahead, I will add more to this list
This is the experience of mine @ IISc Bangalore for SERC. I got cal from IISc Bangalore for SERC.

There was firstly the written. They were having 2 batches per day with around 50 people each. They shortlisted around 12 from my batch.


Written test of consisting total 8 questions. We were asked to solve exactly 5 out of those and they told that if someone solve more than 5 they will consider the questions with least marks.

Questions were basically from :
programming logic(Two for loop condition filling questions were there):

1.They asked to fill blanks in the code for retrieving the lower triangular matrix stored in the single dimensional array.2.Some nested loop code with blanks in for loop.

3.A question to prove to that spanning tree of n node graph has exactly n-1 component.

4.Few questions from eigenvalues, matrices with definitions for the same.


They asked for two subject I would like to be interview and also particular topics in that, I answered OS and DBMS:

1.What is system calls?
2.Where they resides in architecture? What are needs of those?
3.Process state diagram.
4. When process switching happens, how actually it does take place? Thus they take directly pass the control.
5. What are normal forms?
6.What is normalization?
7.Few Questions on projects
8.What is paging?
9.What are content of page table?
10.In virtually memory what is limit on program size if there is single program in system?
11.What is paging?
12.What are inverted page tables? What are advantages of it?
13.Few questions on combinatrics. Make sure to highlight that you are much more interested in research and if possible show your interest in academic career.

Hope this would be useful for you.

Thanks and Regards
Rahul Purohit

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