How to Stop Facebook Videos from Autoplaying?

When you open facebook wall, you might be come across autoplaying video streaming.  As like everytime experiment from Facebook, they have started by default video streaming on facebook wall. But I am not sure how many peoples are really happy with this feature. We see why there is a need to Stop Facebook Videos from Autoplaying and how to do that manually in the setting.


As per my opinion, I will decide what’s my choice and which video I have to see. It is so annoying and disturbing especially,  If we are doing some work, it distract us to watch live streaming videos without any needful. We end up squandering whole time without any work.


I found many peoples are talking about autoplaying facebook videos, but all are just criticizing this facebook step.


So it is necessary to stop facebook videos from autoplaying if you want to spend quality time on facebook.


To stop facebook videos from autoplaying, go through the following steps:

  • Open Facebook setting.
  • Seletct Videos from left side bar.
  • Click on Auto-Play Videos setting.
  • Set autoplay videos flag off.



Please let us know your opinion about autoplaying facebook video feature in comment section bellow. What are the pro and cons fo this facebook feature? Is it really worth and needful or just disturbing?

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