The So-Far Predictions about the Google Pixel 2

Not much later this year, there will be two smartphones grabbing the spotlight in the industry.

  • Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 and
  • the upcoming iPhone

However, to give these two phones a neck-to-neck competition, there is another highly anticipated Google smartphone. This will be launched this fall:

  • the Google Pixel 2

Google— the biggest search engine, and the leading mobile company—has joined #TeamPremium previous year after substituting its Nexus phones with the new Pixel and Pixel XL. Rather than having just a few of them under the belt with some serious hardware issues, the Pixel wasted no time in turning out as an epitome of a true Google phone should look like.

The newbie is not quite competitive for Samsung’s Galaxy level at this moment, at least not until its sales increase to hundreds of millions of units.

Samsung is having really tough time, especially after Samsung Note 7 battery explosion issue. There is a scientific reason behind battery explosion in Samsung mobile. But, they have paid huge by losing market cap just because of their small mistake.

If Google keeps improving it, the Pixel line of phones can beat Samsung in the coming years.

Google Pixel 2 Predictions

Let’s dig deeper into what we are going to see in the Pixel 2…
Google Pixel 2 predictions
The appearance:

The look of this phone including bodies, molds, screens, camera modules, etc. The look is not leaked yet. Many people have submitted some anticipations depending on all of the rigmarole surrounding the industry.

Pixels are designed by Google but are manufactured by HTC. Now, Google’s still the one crafting them, but according to some reports, LG’s has been contributing in its build. As per some reports, Pixel’s body is made up of aluminum with a back constituted of a glass panel that earlier drawn-out to cover the backside thumbprint sensor is said to be lesser in size.

It has also been reported that the refinements to the rear camera will lead to a bigger cut-out that protrudes rather than sitting flush with its body.

The impression sensor is anticipated to stay in the same place (back). For charging, there will be a USB-C port.

Headphone jack, a yes or no?

The Pixel bore a headphone jack on the top that was not pictured. But, the sequential phone Pixel 2 won’t be having one.

Other competing phones such as the LG G6, Galaxy S8, and OnePlus 5 come with the headphone jack. In future, wireless audio will be trending. Google may get some criticism for not providing the jack, just like Apple.

Besides Apple smartphone, HTC’s and Motorola also has removed the jack. Whether you like it or not, the days of the headphone has ended.

Squeezable body:

Like the squeezable body of HTC U1, Pixel 2 is also predicted to have a squeezable frame of some sort that’ll launch applications or shortcuts when you clasp it.


Since Pixel 2 is Google’s flagship smartphone, it will surely be having the better specs as compared to Galaxy S8.

As per many hunches, the phone might have powerful Snapdragon 835 chip of Qualcomm accompanied by 4GB of RAM— a combination integrated into 2017’s every flagship Android phone. Instead of 835, there can also be a newer, somewhat faster Snapdragon 836 chip. The Pixel bears a Snapdragon 821 chip that was then upgraded to the 820 chip that most 2016 flagship Android smartphones have, so when it comes to Pixel 2, things are not too impossible.

Models and Screen size:

Pixel is expected to have a 6-inch model along with an 18:9 AMOLED display stretched edge-to-edge, but it could be smaller in size, up to 5 inches. Whereas, the resolution— if it is a 6-inched model— can be 2,880 x 1,440.

Operating System

Google’s urge to stay in line with the latest is easily demonstrated by OS its phones are based on. We expect the Pixel 2 with the newest of the OS, most probably Android O, but the changes are largely concealed.

O comes with a better battery life, clean notifications, picture-in-picture, and exciting new features.

Release date:

There is no date announced for the Pixel 2. If we consider its former versions, October is going to be the month. The Pixel was revealed on 4th October 2016 and launched on 20th October 2016.

The Price:

With the Pixel and the Pixel XL starting at $650 and $770 respectively. The Pixel 2 fans would not be wanting the phone to start at the same price range. If the phone is bundled with an edge-to-edge display and extra storage, the price might escalate.

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This is all about the Google Pixel 2 predictions. It’s the time when this phone will release, will put the clear light and actual fact. But for sure, Google is not going to disappoint to their fans.

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