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Girlfriend On Cell Bad
Looking at current ambiance, It is not weird to say Perfect couple is myth. As the world leading towards the technology people are more intricate in long distance relationship. Its ever been focusing issue in real life. We have heard about “Cloud Computing”. It may seems weird but in this post you are being introduced with “Cloud Girlfriend” 😉  .

Cloud Girlfriend is one of the start up project and it is part of youth’s discussion mostly because of its concept. Sources said, the site “Cloud Girlfriend” are providing ability to create “Perfect Girlfriend”. More interestingly this project is going to be endorsed by Facebook, they will impress you by posting message on their Facebook wall. Ensue of this they will give the impression of “Long Distance Relationship”. You are just couple of step away if you are hunting for your perfect partner. According to project source, You need to pay $5 initially to make your account and they will ask you to specify your perfect partner before to bring in existence (not in real but to give feel in real life virtually 😛 ).

The co-founder of cloud Girlfriend, David Fuhriman added , it will help fellow to get real girlfriend. This project is labeled by name “The Social Internet Girlfriend” which will budding Romeo and let them to interact with partner.

It seems kinda easy but site developers have very black side of fake account. They added, to overcome this problem they adopts voice call verification. Never thought before,  the day like this will come out.  Technology unshackles its arm. Despite of this it may have many pitfalls…1) It may stir the social ambiance. 2) Is that really secure ?? 3) Is that hazardous to real time relationship ?? 4) Is that menacing for respective culture ?? 5) Spending $5, is that really worthwhile ?? List pile up with every doubt comes in mind but un answered yet. The day is not so far when all answer will come out as soon as project will be launched.

Is that good or bad  that time only will say?? But Feel free to comment your thought on “Cloud Girlfriend”  and stay tune with PCSkull to get all  updates.


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