Facts about Apple WWDC Conference

WWDC is World Wide Developers Conference by Apple. It is used to be organized every year by Apple Pvt Ltd. This year WWDC has been facilitated on 2-7 jun in San Francisco. Everyone was so expecting the big announcement from Apple WWDC conference meet.

But that did not happen. Now it is going to be launch in September. Though Apple came with much more delighted innovation and that makes people stay abide by their expectation from Apple. Following are the exciting key points just to put the limelight on Apple WWDC conference event…

Limelight on Apple WWDC conference event:

Apple WWDC conference

  • In Apple WWDC conference, there was Total ten thousand apple developer and engineers present. Boom!
  • Engineers from Apple were presenting Apple innovation in front of 69 countries crowd count head.
  • There are total Nine Million Registered Apple developers are working in apple. This is what unleashed by Apple core team the first time.
  • 300,000,000 App Store visitors every week, still count on the hike…

WWDC 2014 number of App visitors

  • They have announced and released iOS 8 for iPhone users and OS X 10.10 for MAC machine user.

Apple WWDC conference also has grabbed the attention on Apple cloud drive. Now apple cloud drive will be utilized as like Dropbox software to share audio, video, data, files with multiple locations. This apple cloud drive will support to windows, MAC machine and almost to all new platforms. Simply one can say five to six member of the family can share and enjoy their music together using Apple could drive ID.

Main features of Swift Language

Apple WWDC conference also announced language for iPhone application development called Swift. Swift is very responsive, lightweight and user-friendly language.

To know the more about Swift language, kindly read. 6 Main features of Swift Language that make it Game Changer.

That’s all from the Apple WWDC event! Feel free to comment if you are expecting something else from giant Apple.


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