12 Reasons Why Your Business Need Mobile Business App

1) Does Your Business Need an Mobile Business App? Why?

If your business does not already have Business  app, then someone in your company has probably already suggested it. Mobile technology is a new trend that a lot of people have jumped on. It has its good side and its bad side, but one assumes that the fuss will die down eventually. But, until that point you may want to ask yourself if you are going to get in on this trend. There are already hundreds of thousands of Business apps on the net; would you like to have yours on there too?

Does Your Business Need an App Why

2) Are your target consumers using mobile devices?

This is not the only question that you should ask yourself when you are deciding whether to build a Business app for your business. But, it should be the first question that you ask. It is not a case of whether your target consumer has one, more than it is, do they use theirs to shop for your service or product?


3) Does your website have a tool that may be converted into a Business app?

If your website does, then you do not risk a lot by making a Business  app. You can advertise Business app on the same page as the website tool and see how many takers you get. If it becomes popular then you can start marketing the Business  app in other places too.


4) Do people need direct access to your website in order to use you service?

This is another question that may tell you whether to create a Business app. If people have to gain direct access to your website in order to buy your service, then it may be worth doing a Business app. This is especially true if they have to make frequent purchases, as a Business app will mean that they do not need to open a website browser.


5) Could using a Business app to shop with you have direct benefits?

In other words, is there a chance that people will hop on your app and not bother going on their mobile Internet at all? If this is the case then a benefit may be that you do not have to compete with other people online if people shop directly with your app.


6) Do your competitors have a Business app?

If they have an app, then you may benefit from one. There is also the fact that they may have simply jumped on the bandwagon before you, so find out if they are having success with their Business app and if it is turning a profit or making them more popular.


7) Can you afford a good Business app?

A bad app is going to help make you a figure of hate on the Internet, so ask yourself if you can afford to make a good one. A good one is going to have to be maintained, improved and patched on a regular basis. It is going to need the perfect UI, and UE in order to become something that people do the hate you for creating, and all of this costs money.


Does Your Business Need Business App Why

8) Could your Business app building and marketing money be better spent?

If you have just set up your budget for your great new Business app, ask yourself if it is really worth it. Could you make more money by putting the funds into an online marketing campaign or a new poster campaign?


9) Have you considered alternatives to your Business app?

A mobile website may do better, or a link campaign to your mobile website may be better. Do not forget that a Business app may pull people away from your website, which may give you less opportunity to sell to those same people.


10) Is there a chance that your Business app is going to cause public relations trouble?

Remember that a bad Business app is far worse than having no app at all. If there is a chance that it is going to cause PR trouble, then consider giving it a miss.


11) How will your Business app improve sales or profits?

Do not decide to have a Business app for the sake of having an app. Decide how your Business app is going to help you make more money, and make sure you design it with a goal in mind. Also, remember that the goal you create may not be achievable by Business app, which will mean that all of your good arguments for having a Business app are now void.


12) Is your mobile website very popular?

This is a two-way street because if you have a very popular mobile website then it means that a lot of people are using their mobile phones whilst using your service. This is a big incentive to make a Business app so that it encourages these people to keep on using their phone when dealing with your Business app. However, do you really want to risk pulling people from your very popular mobile website and risking losing them as you try to convert them over to your Business app?



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