This Video of Blind mom seeing Newborn Baby First Time is so Cute

Many of us might be wondering, hows life for the blind person? If there is the married couple, people care… how do they nourish their children?


No doubt, it’s too painful…


It’s pain that can never be less…


Kathy Beitz, the woman, the wife and now The new mom… is legally blind, suffering from severe macular degeneration called as Stargardt.


She was able to see her newborn son for the first time. She is so much thankful for new technology that let her see her newborn baby.


Watched out full video bellow…



As reported by ABCNews, Kathy is able to see her newborn baby son by wearing the glasses that able blind to see. She is wearing special glasses called “eSight Eyewear” first and that too see her cute baby son.


The happiness of Kathy is countless.


Cuteness overwhelmed when she held a baby and reacted “Oh my God!”.


Just for kind health concern, please take care of your eyes and follow these 6 Health tips to protect your eyes.


What makes this eSight Eyewear So special:

eSight Eyewear is special glasses that helps the blind person to see the world. Taylor West, eSight’s outreach director,  there are 140 blind people are using this glasses. It costs huge around $15,000.


Thanks to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, for providing this glasses to Kathy to see her newborn son. They are doing this work for enhancing the legally blind to see.


Thank you technology for all this. Humbled!

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