Best 4 Android Apps that Makes Your Life More Awesome

best android apps by 2013

In this youth era, peoples are more indulged into android apps. The day is already out  when we used to use apps just for entertainment. These are top 4 android apps that you cannot miss. It helps you in your work, business , the stuff that you do everyday.

Android App : Evernote:

you can store your valued information here. Create your instant account there & amass all your information at one. You can synchronize all information automatically. Its window version is also available so if you want to synchronize & want to write notes on your computer, you can do it easily. One click share on Facebook, twitter, gmail…

Evernote Apps

Link:- Evernote

Total User:-542,296

Rating:- 4.7 stars (max 5) above an average

Price :- Free

Android App: IM

It is messenger apps. Almost everyone have multiple accounts at multiple websites to chat with your friend buddy.

It’s all at one chat room where you can chat with your friends on various account simultaneously .


Total User:-67,905

Rating:- 4.3 stars (max 5) above an average

Price:- free

Android App: Offline Dictionary

It”s an exclusive way to enhance your command on the word. No need of internet, Offline use. It simply provide dictionary cover later you need you need to download multiple dictionaries. There are more than 40 multilingual dictionaries. Every word with it’s meaning, noun form, verb, adverb, adjective & its uses , lets you muse up. If you press over the screen for a while, all the data related to that word get copied to the clipboard…

offline dictionary

Link:-Offline dctionary

Total User:-16,291

Rating:- 4.4 (max) above an average

Price:- free

Android App: nexGTv

You may harassed by the multiple TV android application but hardly can any run. NexGTv is spectacular application for all TV lover. Now they can tune up with their favorite channel. It does not take more time to buffer as usual. With your low speed connection, you can fun high-resolution pixel. All the buffering runs in the background so it does not ping you anymore while watching. You can view 100s of the channel without any subscription.



Total User :-33,246

Rating:- 4.3 (max 5) above an average

Price:- free

Then Which is your favorite android application? Get your head down in comment section bellow.

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