3 Major Apple Projects are not Announced in September 2016 Event

September 2016 Apple Event is the great event by Apple. Instead of getting the big release over other Apple projects and  products, Apple stuck with iPhone, Smartphone gadgets and watches.

You can imprison complete announcement updates in this 2 minutes of video from September 2016 Apple Event.




It seems people had more expectations than Apple came with. So its mix feeling over the event. Here is a list of expected Apple projects that did not get any announcement at apple event.


These are the Three Apple Projects / main areas where Apple didn’t make any Announcements:


3 Major Apple Projects are not Announced in September 2016 Event


Apple HomeKit

Apple Homekit is IoT project by Apple to automate the home appliances. Apple is giving magnificent contribution in the field of automation. They are working on it immensely to make moreover improvements. So geeks particularly working on or advocating on home automation had an expectation to get some updates for the HomeKit from Apple. It’s been log time Apple has not come with an announcement of the update on HomeKit. Looking at the way IoT is shaping the future, it was a big disappointment for those were expecting updates over it.



Apple is also working on the project named as CarPlay. Carplay is Apple Standard that enables to connect supported vehicle with the compatible iPhone. This is one of the other possible products that Apple could have mentioned in the event. It is big rumored as Apple is significantly getting the good result for the project. Adverse to the expectation there is not a single word about CarPlay from Apple event.


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Apple TV

Along with the well know gadgets, Apple TV is one of the Big product from Apple. It was a rumour that Apple working for improvement in television streaming service and also on increasing the storage in new Apple TV. It was expected to have significant new content deals with other studios and companies to have collaboration with.


Along with this Apple Projects, Apple earlier has shown its interest for an electric car, adroitness for health and virtual reality. But it seems to be the long wait to get current status over it.

Is this Apple event is up to the mark as you have expected? Or any other announcement you have expected in Apple Event? Feel free to write your opinion in the comment below.


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