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Oh hello!
Something very nice pop up for Music Lover at Apple WWDC15. Awaited Music streaming service has been finally unveiled at WWDC15 by Apple. Jimmy Iovine the Renowned Legendary music producer,  announces Apple Music. Now music lover, iPhone user and the entire music industry can enjoy every beats. It will hit tech world later this month along with iPhone OS iOS 8.4.  Spectacular Features in Music App makes it even more than just Streaming music app.

Apple Music

Apple Music will be available in more than 100 countries after June 30. It will be free for first 3 months. There is individual plan and family plan. Unlike to individual plan, in family plan 6 member of family can enjoy Apple Music subscription. WWDC14 was specially renounced for stirring the market with its iPhone 6 launch and Swift Language for Developer. This is time WWDC15 grabs the attention with Apple Music.

Even you can enjoy FREE beats!

After 3 months of free subscription, iPhone user have to pay per month to listen music. Cost will be vary as per individual and family plan. Apple Music will cost $9.99/month for individual, $14.99/month for family plan. If you don’t want to pay  or for any reason if you don’t want to be Apple Music member, you can still follow artists and listen to Beats1 for free.

iPhone user after superscribing Apple music can reorder the songs in an album. Even it will be allow to choose the next song playlist Or to skip the next track altogether in user playlist. It is stated that More than 100 billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store.


Anybody can Become Artist 😛

Along with iPhone user, it is mean to be lot even for Artist. Artists can post their tracks, they can set the songs behind-the-scenes photos. They can provide in-progress lyrics while playing songs. It will be haunt place for all new remix. It is not necessary for artist to sign Apple Music. Limited privilege has been provided to unsigned Artist with that they can share their Music with Apple World.

Honey on Cake !

Ad on to Apple Music, user can enjoy 24/7 global radio station. It will provide nonstop broadcasting to all Apple Music listed countries. It is seems to be The world’s best radio station will be featured with the the world’s best voices ever, like Zane Lowe.
There are tens of millions of tracks available in  iTunes library now. It offers  to stream and save music  for offline listening With Apple Music. In addition to your music, it will be very handy to search and stream any music from iTunes library.

Recently Google has came with lots of innovation in  Google i015 event. Google is ever competitor to Apple. This time Apple is ready to dazzle with Apple music. It is consider to be strong contender and competitor to Spotify. Apple pulls socks to let the world to dance by providing Streaming, Live DJs broadcasting, music videos, radio station, artist track and social media involvement. Enjoy every Beats!


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