Intelligence Bureau Interview Questions and Test

What are the Questions Asked in Intelligence Bureau (IB)?
Candidate Vipul Ayate
Company IB (Intelligence Bureau)
College Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli

I am sharing Intelligence Bureau interview questions and my experience.

It was mid-September chilling air. I just got the message from the minister of home affairs that I am shortlisted for Interview.

I cannot believe that message because my mind became numb for a few minutes. After a few minutes, I regain my mind. And for confirmation, I log onto my mail and downloaded the result.

Yeah! I got shortlisted. What astonishing news!

I was one of the 3700 students out of 1-2 Lakh students who appeared in the IB exam. The venue of the interview was Mumbai.

Yeah, it was Intelligence Bureau, one of India’s the interior surveillance agency.

I was muddled- should i try or not but my folks thought that I should try. So I started my preparation for truth crunching interview.

As I prefer more on Social and general aspects of any special thing. So I go through all nations federal and secret bureau. Then I got to know you can find anything but cannot find information about IB(Intelligence bureau). This makes me more perplexed what should I do to overcome the hinder it. Then I came to know that interview is about yourself and your perspective about current affairs.

How to Prepare for IB Interview?

There are three things you must know before going to the interview:-

  1. Do not lie on your resume.
  2. Come with truth while answering.
  3. And last and more important do not be equivocal while you answering if you do not know the answer.

So, after that, I prepare my resume and preparation on my answers. My parents give me permission, firstly they were frightened, and if I got selected I will be unable to meet them. But I told them do not worry we have to face every scenario we come across.

I prepare the entire document and my originals and most important my call letter.

IB Interview Experience

On the dawn of 14th December, I woke up as early as possible and as I can i.e. 5 in the morning. Quickly, I did all my duties and pick up the first local.

I feel like”Yeah Mumbai hai meri Jan!”

If you do not want to be late you have to be speedy. I got bad experience from my last interview i.e. from IIM K where I got denied because I was late.

Person should learn from his/her own mistakes. So I did not want to be late and I was preparing for this.

Reporting was at 9 am. And I reached there by 8:30. Felt kind of relief so I wander through streets nearby.

There are a lot of government buildings and Anglo-Indian architectural supermodels which makes me stoned.

Lot to write but for making this quick I should skip that. I enter the sub block building of Intelligence Bureau. There was a checking post. They check thoroughly my holding.

There was a common auditorium where all candidates were sitting and instructions which required were given out.

Intelligence Bureau Interview Questions

It was my time to go and face the head crackers I mean to go to the interview. My panel of the interview consists of 3 dignitaries I suppose.

I know how UPSC interview were so, I was prepared for the multi personal panel.

They starts to observe you and making the inference about you the moment you make entry through the door.

I ask permission to sit down and they give me.

Glimpse look at me and say “yes”.

According to my observation, I thought they were a panel of the trio- one holds rank in IB, the second one is a psychological observer, and the last one to find out your knowledge about decision making.

  • Question: First Interviewer asks me about my background, my past and region from where I belong.
    Answer: I told them about my educational background. They were impressed by my grades but one thing stumble.
  • Question: They asked me about my last college i.e. Walchand and ask me only one question “If you are already placed then why you are applying for this post?”.
    Answer: I convinced them I need a job as soon as but I think my answers were not more promising.
  • Question: They ask me about “Amravati’s best controversial Thermal project”
    Answer: I told them about the controversy.
  • Question: The second interviewer was checking my details on the essay, my views on corruption and strategies which I applied while I was giving my answers.
  • Question: My last Interviewer asked me about “good and bad effects of subsidies provided by government?”
    Answer: I told them the both and difference.

This is how my Interview ends and I left the room with a smiling face. Though I was uncertain about the result.

I learned a lot from this interview like

“you should face whatever you come across because if you run away you are questioning your humanity”.

All The Best!

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