[7 Proven Tips] How to Fix WiFi Signal Problem and Improve Internet Speed

How to make WiFi Running Faster with Router?

Today, WiFi is an essential thing like food, water, and shelter.

Before going to a topic first we have to know what is mean by WiFi.

WiFi is a facility that allows your computer or other devices to connect to the internet.

In case you are having a problem with WiFi means, you may feel frustrated. If you are searching for an important topic on the internet that time your laptop or phone says you are having a weak WiFi signal. You surely have gone mad.

Here we see 7 proven tips to fix WiFi signal problem.

How to fix WiFi Signal problem?

Here are the simple steps you can follow to fix the WiFi router issue.

1. Check if you have Turned Your WiFi On

In case you are in the home, you still struggle with connecting to your WiFi means just check your laptop WiFi button. You may accidentally close the button or you may not enable the WiFi button. On the many laptops, the WiFi button will on top of the keyboard. If you find the button just check it once whether it turned on or not.

2. Restart Your Device

Still, you are facing a WiFi signal problem that means just restart your computer or device and it is a simple way to fix your WiFi problem.

Sometimes your router, personal computer WiFi adapter or your operating system may have a firmware or software problem so restart will fix your WiFi problem.

Sometimes your device refuses to connect your router that times you just unplug the router for five to ten seconds then plug it way. So that you can have a better WiFi signal when compared to the previous.

3. Connect Router to Another Channel

Most of the WiFi routers and devices use the 2.4GHZ radio band. It has 11 channels in the United States. But unfortunately, out of 11 channels, 3 channels can work only without overlapping or interfering with each other.

Now a day’s many of the routers are set to broadcast on channel 6 as default.

In case you are going to a shopping mall or other populated areas like apartments or complexes, you can get a WiFi problem because everyone using the same range.

In case you may feel other wireless routers interfering means take a list of other nearby wireless networks.

If you are a Windows user means click the network icon at the bottom of your computer and see the other network names especially those who all are having a more than one bar signal. It surely interferes with your signal.

At that time you can change the router to another channel either you can select a channel blindly or do some research on how to select a channel for the router without interfering.

Here use the different default IP address as a gateway. to make more secure. Once you select the channel then you have to log in to your router’s control panel and change the channel whatever you have selected.

4. Check if the Router has any Physical Obstacles.

In case you are having a problem with your network icon shows only one point then you may face a lot of problems to connect to the internet. The simple way to fix a problem was to buy a new router with a better range.

But you have to take some other steps to buy a new router.

First, check whether the router antennas are securely attached or not. Next, confirm that the router is not buried or blocked behind the large objects because it may cause you to slow down your router.

For the best results place your router in the open place so that the signal can travel freely.

5. Use Two Routers

Still, if you want a fast WiFi connection for too many electronic devices, use two routers. WiFi connection will be too fast.

Buy one cheap router and use it as an access point for your cable provider.

You can also use a VPN router for your WiFi which would allow you to connect to your cable provider via a dedicated tunnel for your traffic.

It is really helpful for your home entertainment system like IPTV Television System. You may want to play online games, use an Ethernet cable so that you can use the WiFi for the smartphone or personal computer.

6. Make Sure No of Your Neighbor Using Your WiFI

Sometimes your neighbor also uses your WiFi so that your WiFi signal became too low. So use WPA encryption. It is really hard to hack as compared to WEP.

You can also check who all are using your WiFi. Once your work is done disable the WiFi button.

If you have high-speed internet, you can use different smart home gadgets.

7. Change WiFi Password Periodically

Once in month or week change the WiFi password, so that no one can hack your system. Do restart the routers once in a month.

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Here you have tried all the above tricks to fix WiFi signal problem. If still, you are facing the WiFi signal problem, do a speed test on the internet. You may be having a low speed as compared to others. Raise your concern to the cable provider and ask them to fix WiFi Signal problem.

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