Best Gaming Laptop under $700 based on User Review

Gaming laptops become more popular among consumers. Their advantages are obvious as compared with conventional devices. Show me that person, which does not like to spend a few nights in a week playing his favorite game.

However, functions of gaming laptops designed not only for games. Gaming laptops can easily cope with other tasks.

You can edit videos and photos, create presentations, or watch a movie with all conveniences. Such type of laptops has excellent “core” with a good stock of power.

Therefore consumers cannot doubt quality. Let us look at the Best Budget Gaming Laptops of this year.

Let’s see some of the best gaming laptop under $700.

What should you consider before purchasing new Best Budget Gaming Laptops?

You should pay attention to the processor when you choose gaming laptop. Taking into the account the final cost of the device, the difference between prices on Intel Core i5 and i7 is relatively small, so it makes sense to focus on the older line.

The video card is on the second place and here financial capabilities of user determine all. The modern game minimum is at the level GTX 950M. Considering the amount of RAM, it is quite enough 8 GB (with the perspective in the future – 16 GB) for optimal work. The presented in laptop container does not influence directly on gameplay.

However, if you take in account the speed of download, the best choice for you is SSD with PCI Express interface of the 3-d generation (Gen.3×4 or NVMe).

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Described below models do not pretend to be “the most powerful”, because any gaming laptop with good “core” cannot be compared with good personal computer. They are “the best” regarding price and quality.

Let us look at Best Gaming Laptop Under $700 | Considering Your Budget

1. MSI GE70 Apache Pro:

MSI has managed to combine all the best in the device, which it created.

It did excellent gaming laptop. Here you will find a great quad-core processor Core i7-7490 and the whole 8 GB of RAM.

Do you love to save your favorite games and movies?

You have 1 TB hard drive at your disposal. MSI GE70 Apache Pro is equipped with Cooler Boost technology, which will not allow the laptop to overheat in hot weather.

Audio Boost raises the quality of sound in headphones and from speakers to a new level.

Amazon Link: MSI GE70 Apache Pro

2. Asus ROG G751JM Special Edition (90NB06G2-M00680):

Do you want a laptop with sub-woofer and excellent sound and thrills? Then, this laptop is the best solution.

You can enjoy 17-inch matte IPS Full HD monitor and a great graphics adapter, which raises gaming experience to a new level using portable devices.

It can be compared with stationary analogs. Graphics adapter GTX 860M is installed in Asus ROG G751JM Special Edition.

This graphics card comes with all proprietary technologies of Nvidia, which provide a high time of autonomous operation and the ability of safe overclock.

Amazon Link: Asus ROG G751JM

3. Asus G551JM Special Edition:

Great device, which combines beautiful design and high performance. The top cover is made of brushed aluminum with a burning logo.

The processor of 4-th generation Core i5-4200H paired with a graphics card nVidia GTX860 provides the speed of laptop’s work.

In addition to speed, an excellent display with wide angles of overview and sound system from Bang and Olufsen ICEpower are present here.

Amazon Link: Asus G551JM

4. MSI GS60 2PC Ghost:

Without doubt gets rank as one of the best budget gaming laptops for online games.

When it comes to the games on the network, you should never forget about the importance of installed components, but also the speed of your internet connection.

Is it small? It does not matter for this laptop. MSI GS60 2PCGhost has technology Killer E2200, which makes the gameplay smoother, even if your internet speed is not high.

It can be rightly considered as the best laptop for online games thanks to excellent processor Intel Core i7-4720HQ together with powerful graphics Nvidia GTX860M on 2GB.

Amazon Link: MSI GS60 2PC Ghost

5. MSI GX60 3CC:

An excellent laptop, which combines outstanding performance and comparatively not so high price for this type of device. Here you will find one of the best AMD A10-5750M processors with four cores with 2.5 GHz and support of Turbo Core.

It complements with powerful graphics card AMD R9M290X 2GB GDDR5 with a 256-bit memory bus, which can run any game with average settings now.

Audio Technology Sound Blaster Cinema will create for you an impression of total immersion into the process of the game, even in normal stereo headphones.

Amazon Link: MSI GX60 3CC

6. MSI GT70 2QD Dominator:

MSI installed in their laptop all the best that can be in such a device. The powerful processor of 4th generation Core i7-4710 HQ, which is available in portable devices, has even higher performance, than the models described above.

However, not only the processor is at a high level. Graphics processor Nvidia GeForce GTX970M with 3 GB of RAM is present in this laptop.

It should be noted about the presence of SSD storage, which significantly accelerates the speed of the device’s switching and the work of the system. To make your laptop run faster you can read tips provided by the toppctech.

Amazon Link: MSI GT70 2QD Dominator

Additional software SteelSeries Engine allows you to configure the buttons of the keyboard under your style of play or change the color of backlighting on the softer for your eyes.

All these factors say that it is among the best budget gaming laptops of the outgoing year.

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These are some of the best gaming laptop under $700. If you have any confusing while choosing your best gaming laptop, let me know in the comment.

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