Altiux Placement Paper

Altiux Placement Paper By PAYAL A. MANDULKAR
About Candidate I am from Maharashtra. I am perceiving M.TECH (IT-NETWORKING) from Vellore Institute of Technology,Tamilnadu.
Company Altiux Innovations pvt ltd
Job Profile Intern-java developer
Venue Detail 12th june2015,
Vellore Institute of Technology,
Resume Based Shortlist Yes, students get shortlisted on the basis of resume.
Shortlisting Criterion Following are the criteria to get shortlisted for Altinux.

10th Percentage :70.0 and above
12th Percentage :70.0 and above
PG Percentage(for PG only):7.0
UG Percentage(for PG only) :7.0

Altiux Placement Paper: Rounds detail After resume based shortlist procedure, there is Group Discussion followed by two Technical and one HR round.
Altiux Placement Paper: Group Discussion Detail For group discussion they gave technical topics only.
we have to start the GD immediately they disclosed the topic name. They have not allotted time span to think and take points.
There was near about 10 members in each group. They test your technical knowledge as well as communication skills, listening ability,confidence etc.
There was different topic for each group. For our group they gave JAVA as a discussion topic. For one more group it was internet.
Sorry other topic i don’t know but you can prepare on technical topics related to IT.
Altiux Placement Paper: Interview Detail After GD, we have to go through 2 TECHNICAL rounds. There was Full Coding in both the rounds.
For me, they asked to write 3 programs (in java you can write in c also but they want java people so go for java) on a paper and then told me to explain it. They will check the logic.
After that they checked my resume and asked about my projects and all about resumes.
Any tips or Anything that you wan to share with new job aspirant? If you are preparing for Altius Placement, focus on programming such as program related to string, array, pointers etc.

All the Best!

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