Protect Integrity of Responsive WordPress Theme

How to Protect Integrity of Responsive WordPress Theme?

WordPress has become the most favored open-source content management system, because of several reasons including ease-of-use, availability of copious themes and plugins and much more. In fact, WordPress offers many tools, resources, ... Continue Reading →
Programming Languages to learn

6 Programming Languages to learn for Job Security in IT

There are more than thousands of programming languages to learn. Purpose and specification of each language are different. Companies are hiring engineers and programmers specific to the particular language domain that will fulfill ... Continue Reading →
msvcr100.dll is missing from your computer

How to install and configure Wamp Server software without any error?

Wamp Server is not itself a software but it is integration of multiple softwares. It includes Window, Apache Server, MySQL databse, PHP language. Over all integrated software provides web development platform where we can develop different ... Continue Reading →
Web Design Efforts Required

Web Design Efforts Required For Eight Type of Websites

Have you ever joggled your brain to get a website designed for your business? if yes, you must have talked to a web designer to get it done. Website designing is not that easy designing job you may think of. It is a complex, highly ... Continue Reading →
Responsive Web Design riverside

Responsive Web Design: Guide to Breaking Clichés & Embracing Quality

Responsive Web Design: Guide-to Breaking Cliches & Embracing Quality Responsive web design is not just about parallel scrolling and fancy fluid grids, it’s more substantial than that. Web design companies like eTek Studio opt ... Continue Reading →
accessible web design

What is and How to create Accessible Web Design | Future Scope

Accessible Web Design: The two basic principles for accessible web design are to create pages that transform gracefully and provide understandable content to facilitate browsing through the website. An accessible web design website ... Continue Reading →