wordpress common security attacks

[infographic] 10 Most Common Security Attacks Kills Your WordPress Blog

Some bloggers do not give priority in securing their blogs. It may be because of lack of awareness of what danger it can bring to their digital home or because they are preoccupied with other things and have completely forgotten about ... Continue Reading →
document security

Does Confidential Disclosure Agreement Protect Your Company Data?

The legal contract states that the signed entities accord not to expose data encompassed by the agreement. The confidential disclosure agreement is useful in creating a classified relationship between the signed entities. It helps ... Continue Reading →
HTTP Vs HTTPS advantages

5 Reason | You should Use HTTPS instead of HTTP to Secure Website

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is application layer protocol. It is the brain behind data communication between server and client. Then there is HTTPS. It is HTTP protocol with advanced security policies. HTTPS is nothing but the ... Continue Reading →
Digitally Lock Vital Documents

Why You Should Digitally Lock Vital Documents?

As organisations are striving to connect with their valuable partners, employees, customers and clients, it is becoming increasingly difficult to safeguard against digital security violations. In order to protect classified information ... Continue Reading →
How to Access Blocked Websites using VPN

How VPN Works to access Blocked Websites in the College Campus

VPN is Virtual Private Network. It is one of the trending topics in the IT industry. You might have heard about it from your office colleagues, from your roommates or may be on the internet first time. The biggest misconception for ... Continue Reading →
Tor and VPN Network

Tor network now goes through VPN hassle-free : Tor and VPN

The epic battle between Tor and VPN has been going for some time now. Choosing between Tor and VPN used to be quite difficult considering advantages each of them has. The epic battle has seemingly come to an end with new technology ... Continue Reading →
Heartbleed Openssl Bug

What is Heartbleed Attack: that raised eyebrows of entire Internet User across the World

What is Heartbleed security attack? Heartbleed bug is security attack that raised eyebrows of the entire internet user across the world. Heartbleed bug has been found in openSSL cryptography library. This  library  provides data ... Continue Reading →