Google io15 announcement Android M

Top 9 Google Projects to Change the World :: Google io Event Announcement

Google’s annual developer conference is organized by Google every year. This year Google IO event held in San Francisco. It is all about inspiration talk on technology, hands-on learning, Google roadmap, and more about Google’s ... Continue Reading →
different types of OS used in Smart Phone

7 Mobile Phone Operating Systems | Very Few of Us Know

The most important software in any smartphone is the operating system. Phones are not computers. So if you’d like to install the other operating system, it’ll take some more time. So mobile phone operating systems should be chosen ... Continue Reading →

Deadlock Prevention Vs Deadlock Avoidance in Operating system

The operating system is nothing but the system program which loads into the memory first and then provides the environment for other users program to run their own program. The operating system is not only mean to be for Computer nowadays. ... Continue Reading →