BRICS: Start of New Era

It was a bizarre idea to have another international bank because of past financial crisis. More banks will lead to crowding environment and more credit creation. World hopes for better economical environment and uplifting of every ... Continue Reading →
BITCOIN New FACE of Currency

What is BITCOIN? Why it is called as New FACE of Currency

BITCOIN is the newest and wildest growing currency in the world. Though lots of government and regulatory agencies are opposing and restraining people from using it, BITCOIN is becoming popular day by day. The main difference between ... Continue Reading →


INDIA’s TRADE Beyond WTO: WTO (world trade organization) has 159 members from all over the world. In brief WTO handles all the regulation of trading between its member countries. And EMs (emerging markets) are one of the biggest ... Continue Reading →

Rupee vs dollar downfall, Being Indian are you aware about this crisis?

Few years back  we were comparing and talking about rupee and mighty four; Rupee vs dollar downfall. Also we have a big question  will rupee join the league of mighty four? Stops Stops…What is mighty four? You may have that ... Continue Reading →