Mobile App Development Mistakes

5 Mobile App Development Mistakes You Should Avoid

Being an app developer is definitely very exciting as well as being potentially rewarding for the app developer. However, there are a number of little mobile app development mistakes that can sometimes get in the way of success thus ... Continue Reading →
Effective Ways to Develop an Application

What is the Effective Ways to Develop Mobile Application ?

Enterprises are rushing their apps to the mobile market due to the gradual rise in the popularity of mobile applications. We have shared  the Full tutorial: How to develop your own Android Application. However, security aspects have ... Continue Reading →
Mobile app development using jQuery and HTML5

Mobile app development using jQuery and HTML5 : Are you ready for it?

When it comes to building mobile applications that can work on a majority of platforms, a seamless collaboration of jQuery Mobile and HTML5 comes to our mind. Having developed a majority of apps using jQuery and HTML5, I too have been ... Continue Reading →
Dr Dobb Jolt Award Tools For Mobile Application Development

Award Winning Tools for Mobile Application Development

There are many of the Mobile application development tools. That are categorized for coding, building, and testing of the application. There are also some tools for monitoring the usage, offering back-end connections, and also for ... Continue Reading →