Mobile App Development Mistakes

5 Mobile App Development Mistakes You Should Avoid

Being an app developer is definitely very exciting as well as being potentially rewarding for the app developer. However, there are a number of little mobile app development mistakes that can sometimes get in the way of success thus ... Continue Reading →

Latest Tech Updates| Android | Apple | Business : Best of PCSkull

This article is created to assist your requirement and interest of reading. With this article, we share all the latest tech updates, business etiquettes and digital marketing tricks to take your business at next level. We also provide ... Continue Reading →
set default app in Android

How to develop Android application

Android is the operating system designed for the mobile platform which is based on Linux operating system. Now a day’s, it is also used to develop android application for the tablet. For application development, It is most similar ... Continue Reading →
SQLite Database used in Android Application Development

What are the Fundamental Units of Android Application

Android applications are written in the Java programming language. The Android SDK tools compile the code—along with any data and resource files—into an Android package, an archive file with an .apk suffix. All the code in a single ... Continue Reading →
Android Application Development kit

How to install Android Application Development kit? Step by Step Installation Guide

In this tutorial, we see How to install Android Application Development kit with simple step by step installation guidelines. While going through this tutorial if you face any challenge, feel free to post your query in comment section ... Continue Reading →
android application_ run_clip

How to Build and Run the Android Application

Every Android Application is composed of following files. In this post, we share How to Build and Run the Android Application. AndroidManifest.xml and Resources Layouts (main.xml) Activities (Java Class File)   AndroidManifest.xml The ... Continue Reading →
set default app in Android

What are the available Views in Android Application with Full Code

Android views are nothing but the controls or we can say interacting components of the screen. As an example, we can say that textbox, button, checkbox, radio button etc are the various example of android views. In eclipse IDE, views ... Continue Reading →

Code for Linear Layout in Android Application Development

The preferred way to implement layouts is in XML using external resources. A layout XML must contain a single root element. This root node can contain as many nested layouts and Views as necessary to construct an arbitrarily complex ... Continue Reading →
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