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How to recover deleted files from windows 8

How to Recover Deleted Files from Windows 8

Recover Deleted Files from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 with IBID Info Windows Data Recovery Software:  Oct 2012 Microsoft has been launched Windows 8, later moved up to Windows 8.1 right around a year later in October 2013. This Windows ... Continue Reading →
3 Ways You Are Using Spotify Wrong

3 Ways You Are Using Spotify Wrong

Spotify is around for quite a while, but it gained larger popularity just recently. The music streaming service was launched in 2008 by a Swedish start-up and expanded rapidly since then, reaching 75 million subscribers worldwide. ... Continue Reading →
How to Access Blocked Websites using VPN

How VPN Works to access Blocked Websites in the College Campus

VPN is Virtual Private Network. It is one of the trending topics in the IT industry. You might have heard about it from your office colleagues, from your roommates or may be on the internet first time. The biggest misconception for ... Continue Reading →
XNSPY Android Spy Software

XNSPY Android Spy Software

Do you want to play ‘true detective’ with your kids or employees, spying on their location or other activities? Well you don’t need coats and hats to do that but rather XNSPY Android spy software that can get into the target ... Continue Reading →
Pros and Cons of Scrum Methodology

What are the Pros and Cons of Scrum Methodology ?

Scrum is a methodology of agile framework used to manage, develop and complete complex projects by working on iterative development. It is used for agile software development where innovative approach is needed to meet the unpredictable ... Continue Reading →
Top 5 Best Video Editing Software

You can not miss these Top 5 Best Video Editing Software

If you are into digital videos, then you must have come across much video editing software. There are so many videos editing software out there on the internet that will surely confuse you to chose the best among them. Few of the ... Continue Reading →
QAIT DevLabs-Agile Software Development Methodologies

12 Principles of Agile Software Development Methodologies

With software development companies taking the agile route, a common question that surfaces is whether this is a set of guidelines or a methodology? The term ‘Agile’ is an umbrella term that includes numerous methodologies that ... Continue Reading →