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Apple Music

Apple Music : Enjoy every beat on your iPhone

Oh hello! Something very nice pop up for Music Lover at Apple WWDC15. Awaited Music streaming service has been finally unveiled at WWDC15 by Apple. Jimmy Iovine the Renowned Legendary music producer,  announces Apple Music. Now ... Continue Reading →
Delhi AAP government launched e-Ration card facility

Delhi AAP government launched e-Ration card facility

AAP came to limelight as leading party in Delhi for its campaigning against corruption. Keeping all mandates ahead after election, AAP government in Delhi taking prominent step to stop corruption in Delhi. Adding one more feather in ... Continue Reading →
President Obama playing Soccer with Robot

President Obama playing Soccer with Robot

Day by day technology is growing, it is really difficult to scale it as it is growing in all dimensions. Spacecrafts ready to have Mars Mission, Man reaches to moon. (You may like to read Top 3 Space Research and Technology ). Scientist ... Continue Reading →
Space Research and Technology of 2014

Top 3 Space Research and Technology to realize the Potential of Space

It was tenure when United State only had command on Space Research and Technology, they reluctantly refused for transferring the space research and technology to other Counties. They had coaxed other developed nations also not to transfer ... Continue Reading →
No a Street Light, but it is Lightning Tree

No Street Light, but it is Lightning Tree

The way we are developing our self day by day, the major crisis we are getting it from nature itself. To make more comfort to our life we have started living adversely with nature. Not only single country but many more countries are ... Continue Reading →
What is IPTV Advantages of IPTV, Classification of IPTV

What is IPTV? Advantages of IPTV and Classification of IPTV

Advancement of IPTV with modernization and alteration of technology  The official definition approved the International Telecommunication Union focus group on IPTV is as follows: “IPTV is defined as multimedia services such as ... Continue Reading →
Henry Ford inspiration

Henry Ford – Ever inspiration to speed up your life !!

Howdy Guys, That was the rising sun of 30 July 1863. The gentleman came to the world. He was doing his heritage business of repairing watches since a child. But he was not happy as Tik-Tik of repairing watches were used to annoy ... Continue Reading →
charge mobile without charger_2

Charge mobile phone without charger

  Before to start this blog, let me clear, what are you hearing “Charge mobile phone without charger” is absolutely right. As the clamour of the youth is increasing towards smartphone, tablet, with rivaling competitor ... Continue Reading →
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