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Mobile Battery Explosion

Science behind Mobile Battery Explosion | Experimental Video

Smartphones are coming with more features which require more energy. To provide the energy, mobile manufacturers are crossing the limit by storing more energy and providing fast charging. In one way it is beneficial as storing more ... Continue Reading →
Project by Apple in September 2016 Apple Event

3 Major Apple Projects are not Announced in September 2016 Event

September 2016 Apple Event is the great event by Apple. Instead of getting the big release over other Apple projects and  products, Apple stuck with iPhone, Smartphone gadgets and watches. You can imprison complete announcement updates ... Continue Reading →
photo design apps

8 Photo Design Apps : Every Designer Needs

Apps are making our lives a lot easier, regardless of whether you’re hanging out with your friends via Facebook, or trying to come up with a quality business team. One profession that stands out in the crowd of its peers, in terms ... Continue Reading →
Apps to Reduce Traffic and Air Pollution

Apps to Reduce Traffic and Air Pollution |Make Huge Difference

Just before getting on the road your thoughts persuade you to believe that you will reach your desired destination before time. You don’t, at least most of the time! The reason is traffic congestion that has become a crucial problem. ... Continue Reading →

Why Smartphone Users Should (Not) Go for Android and iOS Devices

The clash between Android and iOS fans is one of the hottest duels of opinions in the modern tech world. Each of these systems has its own base of firm supporters and each trench offers more and less reasonable arguments that might ... Continue Reading →
How to spy on iPhone of your child using Phone Tracker

How to spy on iPhone of your child using Phone Tracker ?

Children tend to be extremely responsive. If you tell them not to do something, then their urge to do that particular thing goes up by a mile. Now with the latest smartphones out in the market, and in particular the hype created by ... Continue Reading →
Effective Ways to Develop an Application

What is the Effective Ways to Develop Mobile Application ?

Enterprises are rushing their apps to the mobile market due to the gradual rise in the popularity of mobile applications. We have shared  the Full tutorial: How to develop your own Android Application. However, security aspects have ... Continue Reading →
Top 10 free Apps for iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac

Top 10 Free Apps for iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac

Developers have always showed a great interest in developing apps for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iMac. The much awaited smart watch by Apple has arrived to create lots of excitement among the buyers. This new device is said ... Continue Reading →
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